13 March 2006

Anatomy of a Stash

On the weekend the dotter and I finally bit the bullet and dealt with - The Stash!
It was scary, I can tell you - those cheap acrylics tangling up the fine 4ply sock wool, feathers lurking in the far corners, pure wool being confused and led astray by gaudy cottons. We dragged them out, kicking and squealing, into the harsh daylight, subjected the ack suspects to the Bleach Jar of Truth, and culled without mercy. Click on the pic to read the captions :)

We now have 2 bags of stuff for the Swap Basket at SnB, and we even threw out a bag of nasty scraps and tangles that weren't worth rescuing. Dotter has her own stash, in her bedroom, and my stash is all NICE and well behaved - for the moment, anyway...


  1. HA! (imagine if you will the worlds bitterest laugh) HA! i say. not only is my stash beyond the mess in the first picture, i also run the risk of being devoured whole by sock yarn.. (but what a way to go :)
    very brave :p

  2. Go on, I dare you to post a pic! ;)


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