01 March 2006

Cotton Catch

I nabbed this cotton cache from Salvos a few days ago - for all of $5! What can I say? I'm just showing off :)


  1. i picked up 5 knitting stitch dictionary's with colour pictures today for $2 each.
    /sings 'anything you can do i can do better...'

  2. Excellent haul - but c*****t cotton? No, Jejune, please don't go over to the dark side. Tell me you will be using your custom made deLucs lace needles to knit it.

  3. Bwah ha ha haaaa, come to the Dark Side, Luc....

    No, never fear, will not be cr****ing anything. Knitted lace bookmarks is the sort of thing I was thinking of - but mainly I just *had* to rescue it.

    The mini Luc 'lace needles' are really too short to use easily or comfortably, at all of 9cm. Othlon has nabbed them for now, she seems to enjoy using them. Ozeyarn no longer has a source of Addi 2mm bambaoo DPNs, but I've found some Japanese ones at Wool Baa - they're arriving next week :)

  4. And yes, that was a GOOD CATCH Spidey :) Are they all the same book, or different dictionaries?


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