06 March 2006

Engrish Needle

I had the best thing this morning - a package of knitting goodies in the mail! This one was from Wool Baa - apart from some stitch markers, Jo Sharp's Eclectic book, and some Ivoré needles (which I thought were going to be DPNs, but turned out to be straights - oh well - my fault for not reading the web site carefully enough), I also got a set of KA 2mm DPNs, which are a very handy 20 cm long.

I just have to share the Engrish on the KS needles' packaging with you :
"Hight Quality Bamboo Needle - presented by Kinkiamibari Mfg. Co"

Well, they're nearly there... just lose a T and add an S...


  1. Engrish is such a rich language. ;)

    Glad your parcel arrived safely. Shame about the dpns, though.

    What's Eclectic like? Much droolness?

  2. Eclectic is pretty lovely - gorgeous graphic presentation, photography etc of course. Eye candy!

    From the full set of designs there are only a few that I would make for myself, and only a few that are in my size (and these two sets don't overlap much, hmmm). There's a cute teapot cozy.

    I'm hoping that Othlon might like to make some of the designs from the collection, they're more suited to her style and shape.

  3. Lucky you! *giggles* thismorning I was woken early (too early) by knocking on the door, obviously some sort of delivery, and in my barely conscious state I thought, 'ooh, maybe it's for me'. It wasn't. I've not ordered anything in months(anything I order is r.e. knitting). Proves two things: 1) I need money to order more knitting things and 2) I'm quite self-centred when semi-conscious.. this comment is obnoxiously long, sorry! :)

  4. Me again :) check out http://www.unlikelywords.com/html-morsels for percentage bar directions.. I also posted this as a reply to your comment on my site incase you looked there.. but if you're reading this then you're here... aaahg. *smile*

  5. Thanks KnittyDoll :D Yes, it gets all very confusing with all these Blogs, doesn't it ;)

    That's very cool, the little HTML snippet - I thought it might have been a Flash thing. I could have hand-coded a mini-table with fill to a certain amount, but much nicer to do it this way.


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