08 March 2006

Goddess Bracelet

This is a knitted wire cuff for my gorgeous sister-in-law - she requested one for her birthday, so she chose the colours and width, plus it meant I could get her wrist measurement without having to resort to subterfuge (Look, I just need to tie you up to this bed-post for a few seconds...stop struggling!).

I love the heart toggles - aren't they just damn CUTE? You'll probably need to click on the pic to see the detail. I sort of got led astray when buying beads for this... let's just say there's a wide variety, and leave it at that, okay?


  1. Just divine. Just as well as it's a Goddess Bracelet. ;) You done real good.

  2. Indeed, my SIL is definitely worthy of such a creation. Lucky really ;)

  3. That is just sooo gorgeous! Knitted bracelets are on my long, long list of Things To Do and this is definitely inspiring!

  4. The bracelet was given today, and very happily received - she put it on straight away, and it suits her colouring perfectly. She said it was exactly what she'd had in mind - yay! The gold wire is a light gauge (28), and so soft and easy to use. :D

  5. its beautiful, when im back in action its on the list...


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