10 April 2006

Cozy Progress

This is my first completed thing from "Use What You Have Month" - any guesses as to what it is? I didn't even know these things existed until a week ago, when Taphophile enlightened me, and I knew it was the perfect gift for my mother-in-law (and, no it's not a gag, and she's nice, so there)...

It's made with half a ball of 3ply baby nylon, in a fairly drab pale yellow, which I picked up from our SnB swaps basket in January. The pinker bit is where I've knitted in some fine knitting elastic which I found at Salvos some months ago. So total cost for materials was about 50¢, and obtained before April. Plus I haven't bought anything crafty this month (yet).

OK - I know it's not obvious, plus it's awaiting its pair - it's a knee warmer. My MIL has very bad arthritis in one of her knees, and I'm hoping this will help ease the pains during the upcoming coastal winter. I *think* it will fit her, as (despite appearances) it's very stretchy and fit my leg, at least...


  1. Looks fantastic. Like the idea of the knitting in elastic, too.

    Can I claim half of this one? Pretty sure it was I who put the baby yarn in the swaps basket. ;)

  2. And it was your idea to make knee warmers in the first place - sure, take some credit :)

    The next big question is - do I make another one or not? MIL has *one* sore knee (awaiting joint replacement)...

  3. One's enough, although I do have that lovely buttery yellow 3 ply you could use...

  4. Hi,

    This one has nothing at all to do with knee warmers....

    I saw some silky, "feathery" yarn for $1 a ball, and got 3 balls of it to make my daughter a scarf. Now I realize that some (a lot!) expert advise is required.

    It is pure poly, has a kind of selvidge with the other edge looking frayed. Altogether it's almost 1cm wide, and it's kinda shiny...you know those scarfs that all the teens have these days? It's just called "knitting yarn", so that's not much help. Do you know the stuff?

    If so, how many balls do I need for an average-length scarf about 10cm wide? What size needles? Do I just do it all plain?

    I realize this is a bit like asking a chef how to make scrambled eggs, but...help!

  5. Hi Anne,

    Yes, I know the stuff - it's often called 'Feathers' or eyelash yarn. 3 balls should be plenty to make a scarf for your daughter. I'd go for larger needles rather than smaller - at least 6 mm or thicker - but it's not crucial. It can be a bit of a pain to knit, and bigger needles makes it easier.

    The ball band often gives the recommended needle size - is there anything printed there?

    I'd also suggest knitting the eyelash yarn along with an 'ordinary' yarn, like an inexpensive acrylic yarn, or some wool - so you'd be knitting the two yarns together at the same time (held together). Eyelash tends not to have much 'give' or body, and pairing it with another yarn can help a lot.

    I'd just do garter stitch (ie knit every row) - you don't need any fancy stitches with an eyelash yarn scarf, as the yarn 'does it all' for you .

    There are tons of free scarf patterns here. Or do a Google search on "Eyelash Scarf Pattern Free" and you'll find even more! Good luck! :)


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