20 April 2006

Cute Progress

This frightfully sweet little pup is from a book from my Nanna, and my second Finished Object from UWYH month. Nanna passed on all her knitting needles, a bag of acrylic bits and pieces, and a few patterns to me, so I used the cream acrylic and a pair of her needles to make this, as well as the pattern. The pattern book is worthy of "VAGUE magazine"... it's a whole Scottish clan, complete with baby, mum, dad, grandpa, kiddies, knitted bagpipes, knitted knitting bag and knitting needles (I kid you not), and little knitted haggis things. With smiley faces on them. The grandpa apparently shepherds haggis. Or has a serious drinking problem. Or both. The dog was the best bit!

Aaaaaw, so cute! This is destined to my 2-year-old nephew, whose birthday I just missed.

So Taph - do you reckon it's a Westie?


  1. Sorry, Jejune, can't really tell if it's a Westie - it's not covered in fish emulsion and smelling like the bottom of a stagnant pond which is the current state of the Westie I'm most intimate with!

    Still, your puppy is very cute. Look forward to seeing (taking the micky out of) the whole pattern book.

  2. Oooohhh, okay (gets out fish emulsion bottle, looks around for stagnant pond... drat, none to be found... fish emulsion will have to suffice... tips onto knitting)...

    Yes, book will provide many hootin' tootin' och aye me laddie laughs!

    Good luck cleaning that BAD puppy of yours.

  3. Please, PLEASE, knit a haggis! I have to see a knitted haggis! Or tell me how to knit a haggis and I'll do it.

  4. Might just knit the haggis. CC my Scots assistant, and the world's most dour person, has demanded I knit her a hat out of some homespun I was given. Maybe I'll knit her a haggis instead. ;)

  5. Knowing her, a haggis would be much more appropriate! Demanded indeed. Sheesh.

  6. It's another sign of my hopeless lust for tacky knitting objects I realise, but I do quite like the sound of knitted bagpipes....

  7. The bagpipes look ultra fiddly, but cute in a kind of weird "You knit BAGPIPES?!" way - but you're welcome to check out the pattern :) I'll bring the book along to SnB today, and am happy to photocopy pages for people!


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