23 April 2006


It was meant to be. I have fallen (hopefully only mildly, and briefly) off the Use What You Have bandwagon...

I was dropping past our local post office to check my mail box - when who should I bump into but Tapophile! Hugs all round :) Now, if she's just leaving the Salvos shop, I'm safe, but if she's about to go in, I've had it....

She went in. With her mother and me in tow. I knew she was leading me astray, but how could I resist? There were BAGS, yes, multiple bags of yarn... We looked - just looking - we opened bags, took out the bits that we wanted to buy that looked good. Some Cleckheaton Merino Bambino in a luscious buttery yellow. A ball of blue Patonyle. Five balls of a fine Villawool boulcé, in grey and cream. Oooh, a huge amount of gorgeous soft green 5ply - well over 200g... I was crumbling. A set of 2.75mm DPNs, and I was sunk. There was talk of "If I buy this and then give it to you, and then later on you decide to give me some money as a gift, that's not cheating, is it?"

Get me out before I disgraced myself even more! A good haul for $5... but the real victory was Tapophile's, in getting me to break the UWYH strictures ;) LOL! Only a week to go, I shall not stray again - as long as I stay away from Tapophile at op shops!


  1. it was only a matter of time...
    how nice is my new yarn-carrying person :p?

  2. He is extremely excellent, you clever thing you ;)

    And yes, I must admit that Taph didn't have to beat me over the head with knitting needles or anything to get me to purchase said "forbidden fruits"... I knew my only chance of staying on the UWYH wagon was to not actually go into any craft, yarn, or op shops for all of April!

  3. Mea culpa, mea culpa ;)

    I will say, however, that Jejune raced into the shop, headed straight for the craft section, shoulder charging anyone in her way, and had spotted the Patonyle before I had reached her. I was handicapped by helping my mother, complete with walking frame and oxygen, into the shop!

    I, however, bought no crafty stuff AT ALL.

  4. Deary me! And I have managed not to buy one iota of yarn this month .. pity about the magazines, and the book...

  5. Pfffffffttt! Ha, you were the one who presented me with the DPNs, you may recall.... and who kept opening bags and looking for pure wooly goodness... LOL!

    Have started knitting the gorgeous green 5ply into a simple shawl for myself, to appease my guity conscience (actually, it doesn't appease it at all, it only makes me glad I did buy the wool ;)

    And at least I have avoided all mags (even the new Interweave Knits, sigh) and all books... well, I suppose we've still managed to curb our spending a great deal - I've spent a tenth of what I would normally in a month, so this is a Good Thing TM.


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