03 April 2006

3 days and counting

Well, it's started - Use What You Have Month. Hubby has joined me in this mad endeavour (curbing his electronics hobby purchases). This is a Good Thing TM.

I got the last minute purchases of some blue mohair (possibly for my Blue Hat Project hat), some blue thread (for the same), buttons to finish my cardy (yay!), and some ribbon for Othlon's lace-up gloves. If said dotter isn't doing said UWYHM, then I can buy stuff for HER, can't I? And then she can give lend it to ME. And then.. OK, OK, it's cheating, I know... Sigh.

I dinna know if we can take it, Cap'n!


  1. Be strong! You can do it!

    Jaywalker socks are good at this point in time...they eat up a lot of knitting time, especially when you're admiring the pattern after every round or so...

  2. Hmm, buying things for daughter and then "borrowing" sounds about as legal as buying gifts for each other ;)

    Solidarity, sister!


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