22 July 2006

Back again

Hi guys,

Well, we're just back from a lovely week's holiday up on the Central Coast, at a neat beach pole-house (which swayed!). It rained for nearly the whole time, but we had a fireplace, and books, and knitting, so what more was necessary? The big treat was discovering balls of Oro Inca 70% baby alpaca, 30% silk (made in Peru) at The Alpaca Centre in Berrima - I got 2 balls of purple, which I'm turning into Knitty's Branching Out lace scarf. It's SO SOFT I just can't believe it. It's the most luxurious yarn I've ever used!

The bad news is that I'd put my work computer in my husband's office for safe-keeping while we were away, and some fucking bastard fucking bastard stole it! The whole office building is locked, as is his office, and there were no signs of a break-in, so someone with a master key did this... I've lost about 3 weeks' work, 6 months of family photos, and plenty more and worse besides. He's lent me his work machine for now, police have been informed, as well as the security bods at his work, and hopefully the insurance can be sorted out quickly. But we're still really upset!!


  1. I love the branching out scarf! I just started it too so I'm glad to see yours has that little inverted 'v' at the bottom. It looks devine in that purple colour! I might have to source that yarn - sounds heavenly. Mine's in a soft slightly fuzzy part alpaca yarn and I don't think it does the pattern justice...

    And damn those computer stealing bastards. May their armpits be infested by the fleas of 1000 camels!

  2. Yes, I think the uneven edge will be fixed by blocking the scarf when it's finished. I agree that a fluffy yarn won't show the lace so well... I started this one in a very fine 2 ply wool, but it was almost too light — I'm much happier with the alpaca/silk.

    How are you going with keeping track of the pattern? I'm making a tally mark for every row, against a numbered list of 1-10, so I know where I'm up to.

    Like the curse (am heading out to the local flea shop right now!)... tomorrow various things will hit the fan at my husband's work, like an inventory of master keys.

  3. that's so pretty!!! Oh I wish I was at home knitting, not at work pretending to be working...


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