22 July 2006

Mmmmm, delicious!

Yesterday we had lunch with my husband's aunt and uncle in Sydney... Aunty R used to work for Patons many decades ago, as a creative director (or something similar, I've probably got the terminology wrong). She is one of those amazingly artistic people... she decided to create a series of vegetables, and set about it with typical throughness. First of all she grew an eggplant to see what its flower and vine looked like, then created watercolour paintings of each vegetable, before starting to create them in 'freeform' knitting and crochet with touches of embroidery.

The eggplant is a tea cosy. There are also scallions, a bunch of radishes, a caulfilower, lettuce, cabbage, turnip, tomatoes, artichoke, and my favourite, a bunch of delicate asparagus. It's worth clicking on the photos for close-ups views.

I know this is not useful craft - but it's really stunningly impressive work, true fibre arts.


  1. I think they are absolutely gorgeous! And art need not be useful - or rather, I think that gratifying the eye and soul is very useful.

  2. OMG, the dietician was right. Vegetables are full of fibre!

  3. Oh my goodness - the eggplant! the asparagus! I have just this second developed a longing to make something like this...fibre art here I come!

  4. the asparagus!! omg! now i have to plant some...

  5. That eggplant tea cosy is going to appear in my dreams... :)


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