09 July 2006

Tea Party Time

It was my dotter's 15th birthday this weekend, and she chose to have a fancy tea party with her yarn sisters - all of whom are older than her. We cooked lots of yummy things - the sort of treats we don't normally have, like bleu cheese filo pastries, coffee cream chocolates, cucumber sandwiches, orange poppyseed shortbreads, and smoked salmon on pumpernickel....

I dusted off my collection of old china cups, dug out the lace tablecloth and doilies, and we polished the silver... it was a lovely afternoon, with excellent company, knitting much in abundance, and delicious fibre gifts (many thanks, ladies). There's really something to be said for a proper afternoon tea with one's women friends :) I'm only sorry we couldn't invite more of our 'yarn sisters' - we clearly need to do this more often!

On the knitting front, the lurid green scarf is a little further on, hubby's Jet Jumper now has a front, and the sleeves have been started (both at the same time), and the cuff for the second Fibonacci sock is nearly finished.


  1. It was a lovely afternoon, Jejune - you did us, and Othlon, proud. Thank you. : ) I just wish I could have fitted in more of the shortbread - it was scrummy but had partaken of too many other things by then.

  2. how very civilised! hope she had a great time...i only met her briefly on thurs night but you should be very proud :)

  3. Oh how wonderful!!!! I love a tea party. I'm all inspired now. That looks just gorgeous.

  4. Thanks - we all had a lovely time, and yes, I'm very proud of her :) I'm sure afternoons teas could be done more often - without cooking quite as much - it's so relaxing and civilised to sit down for tea with all the 'nice' things and friends ;)

  5. well.. it was really just a SnB where we tried not to snort TOO loud :p
    I AM A LADY!


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