09 July 2006

On Target

Here's Target Beanie #1 — I've used a twisted rib (all knit stitches are knit through the back of the stitch, which gives a more defined rib). Hubby's got a 24" head, so I cast on 114 stitches, but this was really a bit big. Each colour ring is only 9 rows, and the whole beanie is a bit short, so the design needs a bit of work.

I will do Version 2 soon, on 100 stitches, 10 rows per colour, and adding a black ring in the middle of the white, and a white ring in the middle of the black (they delineate the 1 & 2, and 3 & 4 scoring rings respectively - ones you don't want to shoot ;)

Once I'm happy with the pattern, I'll write it up here.


  1. Oh yes please! Figure it out and post! i was admiring it at SnB on thursday.

  2. Oh it's so cute! I can just imagine your hubby with an arrow sticking out of that bullseye. C'mon, tell me you haven't thought of it too! Apologies to the hubby in questions - he's really very nice and would not improved by the addition of the arrow. No, really. ;)


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