24 July 2006


As promised to Monnsqueak, here is a dog I'm very close to in her dinosaur suit, courtsey of the divine Taph! Are we cruel or what?


  1. Never ever show that dog the photos or my ankles are history!

  2. Real dogs DO NOT wear dinosaur suits! God that's cute :)

  3. That's absolutely the cutest thing I've seen in ages!

  4. fantastic! i bought my possum a drizabone and she ripped it off and ran around the yard with it. hmmm...wont be wasting any knitting there!

  5. man i wish the one i knit was that small... stupid boxers.
    too cute, is she stalking her prey?

  6. As her sole prey consists of flies, yup, certainly possible :)

    She isn't a great fan of things on her - collars, leashes, coats - so she only wears this under sufferance, although I do think she sees the point on winter mornings!
    Plus it's good entertainment value for us, what else counts? ;)

  7. And yes, you're quite right Sheep Rustler - she's a Clayton's Cat (the dog you have when you're not having a cat).

  8. A cat would never put up with that! Havey would shred the person trying to get him into a dinosaur suit, tea cosy or anythigng else of an enveloping nature.

    You folks look like you have been v. busy. I'm sorry to hear about your friend's breast cancer diagnosis. Too sucky for words. I'm sure she'll appreciate the love and the hearts in the scarfe.

    I think my startitis is closely connected to an unhealthy level of perfectionism. Hmmm.

    Work's insane (14 hours last Monday) and things aren't likely to ease up for another month. When it does I will try and make it for either a S'n'B or give you and Taph a call and we'll see what we can manage. I've moved to Aranda nowadays, so that may/may not complicate transport! Take care and I'll see you when I does : )


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