11 December 2007

Butterfly Books

At long last, my Butterfly Books collage has been printed on its BookCrossing book label! I did the artwork about 2 years ago... and it's finally available on the CafePress Supply Store. As always, my collages are all paper (and mostly recycled paper at that) - no paint!

Some close up detail - see, the mountains are made of books!

The yellow book has 'Off to see the world' on its cover...

More books flapping off to foreign shores!

I think the original artwork will be up for auction (all proceeds go to support BookCrossing). The artwork is unframed, on heavy board, and is about 20" x 30" (ie a reasonable size). You can read more about it (and me) on my Artist's Bio Page.

Additional Info : OK, I've just heard back from Heather at BookCrossing; she says they will set up an auction sometime, but it's not likely to be soon. I'll announce it on this blog when the time comes :)


  1. I love that collage! How do I go about bidding? Blogger is still having comments spasms, so you can find me at kissmyfrog.wordpress.com

  2. Goodness it feels such a long time ago that you conceived this! It's such a lovely art work, Jejune - congratulations! :D

  3. How exciting! Your artist's bio is great. Just love this image. Keep us posted when up for bid.

  4. Wow, that is a lovely piece of work!

  5. SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Next to yarn, books are one of my favorite things.Welcome to the ranks of the published!


  6. Congratulations! I love seeing the details. It's perfect for the labels too. I plan to buy some in my next purchase from the BookCrossing store.

  7. Once again, I am in awe, and feel so lucky to count one so talented as a friend! Its so beautiful, I love it!

  8. wow, this is an interesting theme. BTW, love the pics from Brisbane. Sounds like a real lovely time.

  9. your work is so stunning Jejune. I just love it! Well done. the colours and the detail are breathtaking!


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