03 December 2007

Back again!

Hello everyone! I'm alive!

The news in brief :

1) The move has happened, despite a huge stuff up by the moving company (which turned up 10 hours late, at 9pm, and delivered our stuff by midnight, and only did one trip instead of two.... plus I had to throw out all the food from the freezer). I didn't think it was every going to end, the trips between the two houses, and then roughly 25 hours of hard work cleaning the old place. We got our full bond back, and many friends helped along the way - thank you, you know who you are!

2) We're in our new place, and just about everything is In The Garage. In A Box. Sigh. Still LOTS to do. But the house is great, we love it. Photos soon!

3) Our aDSL and phone company between them stuffed up our web access, which is now mostly sorted - we're on the aDSL 2 Plus line, with up to 10 times faster internet (w00t!), but although I can get my email, I can't send it yet, until I talk with my ISP again tomorrow... sigh.

4) Dotter, Boyfriend, and I have been to Brisbane for my brother's wedding, which was very fancy, huge, and went smoothly. I'm now related to an incredibly wealthy Australian Chinese family, how cool is that? Lots of pics and stories before too much longer...

5) And last but not least - I manged to knit - with permission - on a Virgin Blue flight - again, full story with pics soon! Don't get too excited, it was a bit of tricky luck ... not a major policy change... but it was possible ;)

OK, must get back to unpacking and culling - we're trying to reduce our belongings by a lot, I'm aiming for half, in the hope that I may actually achieve a one third reduction :)

Miss you all - will catch up in the weeks ahead!


  1. wait while i read that over and over!
    You knit. with.permission.on a PLANE???
    In Australia??
    Ooooh, that is fabulous news =D
    Glad the move went well, can't wait to see pics =D

  2. Oh, I'm so glad you stopped in with an update! We've missed you and I was dying to hear how everything went. Glad to hear the move is over with (moves never go smoothly, it seems, and the best that can ever be said of them is that you're done!) and that you had a good time at the wedding. Looking forward to the stories!

  3. Congrats on the move. Good luck with the culling! It's hard to part with possessions you just trekked across town. It took us a year to finally unpack all our boxes the last time we moved. I can't wait to see the photos of the new house.

  4. im so glad youre home and in your new house but god, could it have gone ANY worse?! and i think my heart skipped a beat when you said 'knit on a plane'. you know you have us all hanging out there!!

  5. The nightmares are behind you - it's the joy of discovery to come. :)

  6. hurrah! Welcome home (and is it bad to say i still have stuff in boxes from when i moved a year ago??)

  7. Wow, Brisvegas and back already! Its very good to hear from you. Im glad the move is behind you and youre slowly settling in.

    Oh, and Spidey - I still have stuff in boxes from when I moved to Darwin in 1997. So you dont have to feel bad!!

  8. hey welcome back! I too still have stuff in boxes in the garage from the last move (8 yrs ago?). If we had sorted it out before the move I estimate it might have been 3 truck runs (I was driving) instead of 5? But clearly, most people never have time to properly cull BEFORE a move!

  9. Glad to hear you're in your new home - wishing you much happiness there!

  10. welcome back!

    Good luck with the culling. Nothing like a fresh start.

  11. Every time I pack to move I wind up looking around and asking, "Who brought all this useless stuff into my house?" Well, it didn't seem all that useless when I brought it in . . . It's amazing how the volume of one's posessions expands when one has to pack and unpack them.

  12. Glad to hear you haven't been buried under a pile of boxes! Look forward to hearing about the wedding and the knitting on a plane adventures!!


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