03 March 2008

Maaaaeeeh Kup!

Yesterday we had a bit of fun! Judy Doody - as many of you know - is doing a professional make up course, and needs lots of hands on (or face on!) practice . Dotter and I happily volunteered to be guinea pigs, so she rocked on over. OMFG. So. Much. Girly. Fun.

But as soon as Judes had laid out all her brushes - after plenty of tea and some of my freshly baked sultana scone scrolls (so nice to have the weather cool enough to bake again, I've missed it) - yes, you can guess who showed up... Lulu.

Judes was so busy working on Dotter, that we didn't see this until too late ....! Lulu apparently wanted to have 'Preeh-tay maaaaaeeh-kup' too. Sigh.

Dotter looked just STUNNING. I think she's picked up some new tricks to try (especially that eyeliner on the top lid thing)... Very Audrey Hepburn.

My look was more subtle, with a fair whack of foundation, and nice browns, to bring out my blue eyes - again, I've picked up a few tricks, like using a lash curler to 'open' up my eyes, and brown eyeliner along the top lash, or even eyeshadow applied in a line with a small brush. Make up isn't anything I 'do' much, so it was fun to have some expert advice!

Thanks Judes - it was a great afternoon! Just what we needed :)

Dotter and I were then all inspired, and found some cool 'make over' web sites - this one was the best - whaddayreckin? I've always wanted darker hair, looks like it could work!


  1. two beautiful gals. It's fun to do something like this. The makeover is a hoot.

  2. Perfect models! :) I had a blast too!!!

    Your pictures turned out really well, super impressed.

    BTW, LOVED those scones. No really - LOVED them.

  3. Oooh purty! And I love the idea of the makeover site, will have to try that! (I've always wanted fire-engine red hair. Or curly hair. Or a black bob.)!

  4. Oh stunning! I thought of you yesterday and wondered how it was going. You all look more gorgeous than ever!

    I am so desperate to try that site.

    And naughty lulu! How great to see her getting in on the fun.

  5. Wow, you both look fabulous!!!! And Lulu too!!! Girly fun: nothing better!!!

  6. VERY Audrey Hepburn! And you look lovely, too! Fresh and bright. Lulu, oh, my, I hope it will all wash off. she does look - striking.

  7. Very glamorous, indeed.
    What colour lipstick are you wearing?
    I like that shade ...
    always looking for the perfect lip colour, aren't we ladies?

  8. You both look gorgeous!! Love the hair - mines dark red but I've always rather fancied the pillar box option!

    Lulu looks very pretty too (or should I make a comment about mutton dressed as lamb......?)

  9. Isn't it fun to see how just a little "whack of foundation" can make a difference? I loved getting made up. My mother wasn't girly so it wasn't something I grew up with. I love it as an adult.

  10. Looks like you had a lot of fun and looked beautiful too. Yes, you could definitely rock that dark hair look!

  11. You all look so nice! But I must say, Lulu's new look is my fave! ;)

  12. Wickedly good fun by the look of it. :)

  13. How very Ooo Lah Lah. Sounds like a fun girly kind of day. I'm so with TSS, Dotter does look like Anna Paquin.

  14. Purple! Hey, you guys look fab :) Even naughty Lulu!

    Yeah, I'll be there on Saturday with my crochet. It's crochet month in America, so I'm calling it here too! I can bring the tams and show you the difference between the first with the lousy decreases and the second after Taph and Happyspider helped me.

  15. What a fun thing to do - and you BOTH look beautiful. Stunning!


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