02 May 2008

From little things...

SO proud of Prime Minister Rudd, and the direction things are heading in here. At LONG LAST.

Mariah has been frogged, so no going back now!

Back to work - too much to do! Argh!

ETA : Am NOT getting gauge for Ivy.... I'm down to 3mm needles and after washing and blocking this second swatch, it's still too big! I don't want to knit a whole cardigan on 2.5mm needles! Waaaah!

I keep coming back to Lara, so perhaps that is the way to go after all, and I should just embrace the floppiness. I could start afresh, with the right sort of thicker wool, for a more tailored cardy later on... Argh.


  1. Isn't it just brilliant?! I bought the single the minute it was available, to support 'Get Up.'

    It's always been a favourite song of mine so to have it reworked so meaningfully and successfully is powerful in the extreme!

  2. So sorry about the gauge problems. Ivy is just so cute, it would be a shame not to knit it up but I don't think that it's worth 2.5 mm.

  3. No tiny needles! No!! Embrace the drapey, floppiness of the alpaca. Maybe go loose and open with really big needles. Alpaca is warm, so an airy knit won't be too chilly. Do you ever use shawls?

  4. Poor you. I have the opposite troubel, I seem to have to use bigger and bigger needles.
    Thanks for the song, I had heard it but not seen it. It feels good to be Australian again!!!

  5. Do NOT use 2.5mm needles for an adult garment - don't do it!!!! You won't be able to do any work on the computer because your hands will be so crippled with tendonitis from those teeny tiny bloody needles!

  6. True Mr Rudd is doing some good things - I'm a bit disappointed about his back down on civil unions this week though....


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