13 May 2008

Just keep going, just keep going, just keep going....

Head still down, working too hard, burning what bits of candle are left at both ends, getting sick (what a surprise), stressing out, more health scares with Dotter, but a hospital visit averted... sums up the past week pretty well. The review is coming along, but it's a huge amount of work, and there have been a few 'editorial battles' along the way to spice things up. My Project Editor is good to work with though.

If anyone knows where I've put my Social Security Card, please let me know. I need my SSN for a US tax form thingy, to prove I'm not American, argh. Kind of ironic, needing an American SSN to prove I'm Australian... hmmmm.

I got a Social Security Number (a SSN isn't just for Christmas, it's for LIFE) when I lived in the States in the 1990s, and haven't needed it til now ... and no, I haven't been careful about where I put the card. Dumb dumb dumb. And you wouldn't believe the rigmarole to retrieve the number (or maybe you would)... time to start going through the boxes in the garage. And FIL's garage (even more scary, cos that one has RATS).

Progress is being made on Lara, as you can see! I'm past the sleeve holes! Dotter suggested just knitting in 40 stitches of waste yarn, which will be removed and reveal 80 live stitches for each sleeve. Much neater than the pattern's 'cast off 40 sts, and then make 40 stitches using a provisional cast on' method. That's the line of white/purple yarn for one sleeve at the top of the pic. I just love this top.

OK, gotta stop blogging and reading what everyone else is up to now, back to work (working til midnight every day, and all weekend, is starting to wear thin....).


  1. Sorry your week is not going so well. On Lara, is it possible you're being asked to cast off then on again to give the armhole some structure? Often the cast off and on edges prevent stretching during wear.

    On the other hand, if this does happen, you can crochet a line of slip stitches on the inside of the garment in the same yarn. This is all but invisible form the right side, and will prevent further stretching.

    Good luck; can't wait to see it finished...

    PS: Are the Canberra knitters a friendly bunch? Looks like we may be heading your way to live :)

  2. blech. hang in there :(
    and moorecat, Canberra knitters are awesome :)

  3. All the best with it! But bugger having all those other hassles and health things in the middle of it all!

    Lara is looking rather lovely.

  4. I find myself yearning to pet and cuddle Lara. You are just going to town with that one!

    I was thinking it would be wonderful to get paid to do crossword puzzles. But to have to do them on a schedule? Not so fun at all! I am wishing for fast work and an alert mind for you till this is finished. And then I am wishing for a week of sleeping in, afternoon naps, early bedtimes, and daily massages.

  5. Ooh, I do want to jump in and cuddle Lara!

  6. Clever sticks Dotter! Lara is looking good...

    I'd give you some of my candles, but Im afraid I need all the stumps I can get too.

    And moorecat - Canberra knitters are ace!!

  7. Wow - waste yarn knitting idea from Dotter - brilliant!
    Sorry to hear about the trials and tribulations of past week. Keep on keeping on ... it's all one can do with so much work at hand. I know - I'm totally slammed.

  8. Have you thought of emailing the state where you got the SSN? I was able to get my kids a 2nd one by ordering online. I did have to drive down to pick it up because daughter needed it NOW. this was many, many years ago.
    Sorry your week has not gone well.

  9. Oh it looks lovely - and I can see I'm going to have to add one to my queue!

  10. ooh bum about the SSN!!
    Lara looks lovely!
    You'll end up with 81 live stitches, I think - an extra one on the top.
    You might need to pick up and extra one in each side too, to stop from getting a hole.
    If you end up with too many stitches you can just k2tog =)

  11. Hang in there, this will all be just a distant memory and your candle will be back to where is should be.

    That's one smart Dotter you have!

  12. Oh yes - card is in third drawer on the left. : )

  13. I did the waste yarn thing on my Lara, and it worked just fine. You do need to be careful to pick up an extra stitch at each end, and do it *neatly*, because any ugly stitches will be right out there where everyone can see them. Ask me how I know. ;)
    Thinking happy thoughts to help you get through your puzzle-testing deadline intact. :)

  14. Hope everyone is feeling well at the moment and that you have found your card!! Oh the ironies of life!!

    Very clever idea with the waste yarn!!!


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