17 May 2008

Put on a Sweater

As Brenda Dayne would say ...

moar cat pictures

At least 180 puzzles to go (I've asked the author to rewrite/correct some, so it may be more than this), in 3 weeks... I feel like I've been hit around the head.

Dotter and I will be at the Wool Fest tomorrow for a little while - I've got Knitting Art cards and stuff for sale (for the whole time 10 am - 4 pm), so head on over to the Canberra SnB stall! We have cookies! (OK, maybe not, but we do have lots of other goodies!)

Back too wurk ...


  1. Good luck with the stall - I'm sure things will sell quickly. Oh, how I wish my plans were working out for this weekend. I was supposed to be visiting youse! But Pip needs the car to go visit a sick family member so we're stuck here again. Maybe next month.

  2. May your day be pleasant and profitable. Maybe you'll sell out early and get to go home.

  3. We're pulling for you...
    Pull, pull, pull!

  4. It sounds like you guys are going to have fun (if not cookies). With your beautiful cards and Olivia's pods, you all will be a hit. I hope the weather is fine and the sales are hot.

  5. Have fun! (I don't think I'll be coming :)

  6. Looking forward to hearing how your knitting art went!


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