24 May 2008

Have a Say

I don't know if other Aussies have seen the ANZ bank ad on SBS (and probably other channels) at the moment, where Tony Barber, flashy media, and a glamorous lady with a trophy turn up at a house, congratulating the guy at the door on being with 'the Best Home Lender' or whatever, and then when he says "I'm renting", they snatch the trophy away, and all bugger off.

I don't know about you, but as a long-time renter I find this EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE. If there are other renters out there who feel the same, go on, send ANZ a complaint. I told them I'd now never consider getting a home loan with them, once the time comes...


  1. i'll pay that - that's offensive.


  2. Here's a link in case others want to see it


    It's such a stupid ad. And Tony Barber offends me too. And the rental snobbishness is unnecessary.

  3. I've long thought that Australian society's perception of renters has been that renters were either kids just waiting to be grown ups and buy their own house or the dregs of society. Both attitudes are annoying to put it mildly. I'm told that in Europe and New York, this isn't the case as no-one can reasonably expect to own their own homes. Long-term rental contracts are also available. I've heard of 10yr contracts. That would be really convenient. I bet they don't get house inspection every
    6mo either : (

  4. Renting is a way of life here in the cities, not so much in the suburbs. That is a really insulting ad. It is expensive to buy a house and with our economic state right now, almost impossible to get a mortgage. I have 8 more years until I will have paid off my house and will actually own the thing. At that time, I will have paid three times the original price for it. Renting sounds better and better as the roof is leaking and needs to be replaced and we need a new heater.....

  5. And you know my views on this, I think. Pay rent, pay a mortgage - who should care but you? As long as you've got a home. I do think it's made hard to be a renter in Australia because of the very short leases and very little in the way of tenancy security. One friend of ours who is in his 70s has to move about once a year because of this, which is ridiculous. He's a good tenant, and pays his rent but they either decide they could get more money elsewhere or they want to sell the place.

  6. Tony Barber sold himself to ANZ... what a cop out.

    I wouldn't deal with ANZ. I once had an account with them and someone wrote me a bad check (which I was dumb enough to deposit (1995)), they froze my account and closed it and kept my $500+ dollars...


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