15 September 2008

The best cactus of all

I've been meaning to share this with you for ages - Hubby was given this mini knitted beauty on his birthday - it doesn't need even occasional watering (yes, he can kill a cactus)! A great use of fluffy yarn. The whole thing is about 6 cm tall (including the tiny ceramic pot). It looks remarkably real!

This arrived today - mmmmmmmm. Bendigo Rustic 12 ply, in Damson. What a glorious colour! This is destined to become a Hemlock Ring Blanket for a friend I made at Quest. J lives in Tasmania, where it's very chilly; she's not able to knit (CFS / sore hands), and asked if I could make a purple lap rug for her. I am happy to oblige!

In work news, we're sorting out my author contract this week, and I hope to find out who my Project Editor is (they're the main person I'll work with on the book). I've also become a professional member of the Australian Society of Authors, and tomorrow is my first day at the Nasho :)

ETA : The story behind the cactus - the mother of one of my sister's London friends made it. Sadly, she died recently, and her daughter found new homes for all her knitted cactus creations, and my sister was given this one. And then my sister gave it to my husband.

Working the Nasho wasn't so good today - the corrals with power (for laptops) are packed, and right next to where the library is being extended, ie a construction site. No nice view, not quiet. I also was falling asleep, and came home and went to bed (sick). Bleah.


  1. that cactus is the cutest thing! can't believe it is knitted!

  2. oh wow. That's fantastic! What an amazing piece of knitted art! Where did it come from?

    I have that yarn - or rather, I did I used it on my pi blanket. It's just the most amazing colour.

  3. Ditto on the Damson colourway! I'm using it to make Ruby (A Fine Fleece) and the different colours in it (green, blue and red) just sing once they're knitted up.

    Just as well I love it, as after I'd knitted all the main pieces, I discovered that it was 3 inches too short. Here we go again...

  4. Bendigo is yummy! the cactus cracks me up.

    Have asplendid day at the library. Good on you!!

  5. I nominated you - check out my post at http://pierretheyarnsnob.blogspot.com/2008/09/you-shouldnt-have.html for more details :)

  6. What a great idea (the knitted cactus) - love it! Never seen anything like it before. And it won't prick your fingers when you touch it!

  7. What a cute cactus! My mother was very fond of cacti something I could never understand. She had several that looked just like that, all fuzzy with an odd flower. It's amazing how realistic it is. I hope you are feeling better by now.

  8. I love knitting with yarn like that. The subtleties of the color keep me interested!

  9. Sorry to hear about the sickness. I blame all our fuggy heads on the dust storms we've been having. Did you catch any of it?

    Congratulations on your membership to such an august body : )

  10. Love the cactus - I want to put it on a hat - where is the pattern from!

    Hope you feel better soon


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