10 September 2008

Welcome Purl

I saw my surgeon this morning, and I'm officially on The List for a full hip replacement. It could be as long as a year wait, so nothing is imminent. I'm feeling really good about the decision, much happier. Hip is getting more painful by the week, so I'm ready to do something about it. It will be an Exeter ceramic-on-ceramic prosthesis (shown below).

The operation and recovery will be less straightforward than a standard hip replacement for someone with a normal hip who 'just' has osteoarthritis - my whole pelvis, hip joint and femur are very unusual / mangled, and it will be a challenging operation. Higher risk of complications too. Dr Smith might be able to fix my leg length difference, but it is a secondary consideration - having a secure prosthesis is more important.

And please welcome the lovely Purl, who arrived this morning - my new white 2.4 GHz, 2 Gb MacBook! She has joined me so I don't have to be chained to my desk for the next 4+ months - working in the living room is a nicer environment, but I'm mainly planning on working a day or two each week at the National Library, in their Reading Room, away from the Interbets (which is a big distraction), and other procrastinations like my family, chores, and phone calls. The Nasho is just one bus ride from my door - but a long bus ride (stealth knitting time!!)

Along with Purl, I have a new mini graphics tablet (ie portable) - a Wacom Bamboo tablet, which is divine. It's black and cooool. I've used Wacom tablets for years - they are brilliant. Much easier on my hands than a mouse.

We're into talking author contracts this week ... no deadline extension is possible, so I'll be working over Christmas - guess it's a good excuse to do less ;)

OK, back to the coal face! And if anyone's down Tuggeranong way this Saturday (13 Sept), do come along to the Tuggers Stitch'n Bitch - 2-4 pm at Coffee Guru at the Anketell St entrance to the Hyperdome - Dotter and I will be there, and would love to see you!

PS Isn't it a cool date? 10 - 9 - 08 !


  1. oh she's pretty! Looks just like the one I'm typing on right now but Sean says she's A LOT faster.

    Scary surgery prospect - but necessary by the sounds of it. Hugs.

  2. I'm so glad about the contracts. And very excited for you. I have a 3 year old laptop and I still love it. It's not as new and shiny as it was but still glows brightly when I turn it on and does just what I want. Great good luck to you with the operation. It's good to hear that you have some time to mentally prepare and are not so anxious about it.

  3. So you don't really want to know that the NLA has free WiFi.

  4. Good news about the operation. I can't imagine how much better it will make your life. LOVE the new laptop and really looking forward to meeting you this weekend, at long last.

  5. OOOh nice - I'd love something more portable I could actually use in rooms which are warm!!!! Hugs and positive thoughts for the whole operation and excitement! about the book!

  6. im glad youre happy about your decision and that it brings you some much needed relief! and Purl is lov-er-ly, what a great idea to take her out sightseeing :) the nla is a great place to work.

  7. ooh.. good luck with the hip.

    and just remember - that the macbook is not a big fan of diet coke:(

  8. Of course a world class puzzle writer needs only the best equipment to work with. Seriously, it is a great excuse to get a new toy, especially when it makes your life easier.

  9. Purl is beautiful!! I think she is an investment and not a luxury!!!
    Excellent medical x-ray and I hope everything goes really well whenever it happens.

  10. Pretty Purl! Lucky you! And working at the library sounds fabulous (not to mention the bus knitting time!)

    Good luck for the operation - I'm sure they'll do a good job - and recuperation time means more knitting time, right?

  11. Good luck with all the work and surgery requirements. Wonderful that you've a book deal and I'm gald that you're feeling more collected about the surgery now.

    Love the new toys and the knitting projects are lovely : )

  12. Best of luck with the upcoming surgery. Cool new computer!


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