06 September 2008

Hello and Good-bye

What a week it's been!

Dotter's relationship has broken up, so Lovely Boyfriend has moved out ...

Hubby finally has a diagnosis for what's made him bedridden with pain this year (this is on top of his 'baseline' of CFS) and has started treatment ...

My main specialist thinks I should have the total hip replacement done soon, so that's back on the agenda (but I'm not feeling quite so terrified of it any more) ... am discussing it with him further next week ...

We had a visitor or two - here's Dotter with baby Grace, who is clearly complaining about Dotter nicking her gorgeous red and grey Pi Blanket (draped around her shoulders).

And last but definitely not least, in a life-changing event, I got the book deal! I can't say what the title or publisher is in public unless I get the OK from them ...

The submission deadlines are horrendous, and in addition to my regular puzzle commitments to my syndicator, so that accounts for the 'Good-bye' in this title; I'm going to be largely absent online until January (unless I'm procrastinating, in which case you can tell me off). I'm going to try to keep weekends free of work, but Jejune Days have to be suspended for the time being. Maybe I can manage a few Jejune Hours now and then during the days ...

And now something to distract you - knitting! (You knew I was going to say that, didn't you?!)

Spring Forward socks from Knitty. Actually using the yarn specified for the project (faints) - Socks That Rock, lightweight, in Corvid, a gift from Bells earlier this year. Loving this yarn, it's delightful. Nice easy pattern - effective and simple to do. Socks for me, at last. And long overdue, my other handknit socks are wearing out!

The Medallion Wrap (Rav link) by Norah Gaughan - using leftover Bendy Alpaca (from Mariah). My first Norah pattern, and my first Vogue Knitting pattern! Instead of knitting each medallion separately, I'm picking up the 16 stitches for each side when I do the cast on for the next medallion (as they're knit from the outside in). Look Ma, no seams!

And finally, a Pi Are Square Shawl using leftover Rustic Red Tweed from my jumper, and just knit in garter stitch (this is my TV knitting). It is the Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern which was in Vogue Knitting at the start of this year (oh, TWO VK patterns at once, goodness!)

Wish me bon voyage on this whole 'writing a book' adventure!! I hope to get to the Tuggeranong SnBs, and will try to stay in touch!


  1. Congratulations on the book deal! And I'm glad you're feeling less worried about the prospect of a hip replacement. So much going on! Good luck with your husband's diagnosis and your submission deadlines and and and.... see you in January?

  2. Oh dear, 'good old' PR - my husband has been battling this for about 5 years, 2.5 years since diagnosis.
    DH is the classic German workaholic, continued to work (part time) well past pension age, and grumbled on with 'nomadic' and transient aches and pains for at least two years, until the day came that he was transfixed with pain and inflammation and literally could not move. It ain't much fun for anyone. And although the cortisone stops the pain in its tracks, it doesn't help with the weariness and depression.

    Take good care of yourself. Might be a good idea to consider some form of Home Care to help out while you are convalescing from the hip replacement.

    Best of luck,

    Gae, in Callala Bay

  3. Congratulations on the book deal! That is such exciting news.

    My mum had PMR - it's a nasty, nasty and very undiagnosed illness. She was actually considered to just be a whinging menapausal woman by most doctors for years until she travelled to Brisbane to see a rheumatologist, who diagnosed it as she walked in the door.

    The medication helped her a lot, but it was still a battle. Nothing much can keep my mum down, though. She still worked and played tennis ...

    Tell Dotter not to take Little G's tears too personally - she pulled the exact same face on me not a couple of hours later!

  4. What a crazy week you've had!

    Congratulations on the book deal!

    The socks are looking great, the colour reminds me of the colours you get from a peacock pearl, just lovely.

  5. Congratulations and good luck with everything Jejune!!!

  6. Beautiful socks, wonderful shawl and gorgeous Norah hexagons! At least you know the problems now

    And the BOOK DEAL! Oh well done you!

  7. Yay for book deals! Im so thrilled for you, what a fabulous oppourtunity. And fabulous news on Hubby's diagnosis. Hopefully he'll be tangoing before you know it!

    Im hoping the lure of a baby (even a grumpy one!)will be strong enough to scam the odd hour here and there from you....

  8. Fabulous news about the book deal!

  9. Woohoo, a book deal! Congratulations! And glad all the other health problems are at least starting to feel in control. Even if it still stinks, at least you may not feel overwhelmed. Hopefully.

    Hugs! Yay!

  10. Well, I hope you'll remember to take your birthday off in a few weeks!!

    I'm so glad that you'll be busy with work. I'm sorry I've been so out of touch... school.

  11. Your interesting blog posts will be sorely missed. However, it's all for a good cause - so let me be the first to say I'll be happy to see less of you on blogger knowing that you'll be busy with something so very wonderful for your puzzle-making/book publishing/income producing career. Good luck meeting the deadlines and be sure to have your Jejune days when you can...don't work yourself to the bone!

  12. Well, congratulations on the book deal, and I'll certainly look forward to the odd procrastinatory post!

    I love the colors of the socks & shawl. I'm a sucker for anything in purple-ish lately.

  13. oh major bon voyage! such great news, among everything else. wishing you the very best of luck, i hope we hear from you every so often xx

  14. It was a huge week! A fantastic one, little dramas not included.

    Loving the STR. I'm using mine now too and doesn't it knit up well!

    So happy about the book deal!

  15. Congratulations on the book deal. I am so happy for you. It does sound like you'll be busy but it's such a wonderful opportunity.

  16. Hi there i am just dropping by to say i hope you will have a successful total hip replacement surgery soon. Nice to know you're not terrified with it. Good luck on the treatment your husband is going into by the way. I'll pray for you both.

  17. Huge congrats on the book deal - so exciting for you!! Will miss you from blogland but hope to see the occasional post here and there - you've got a bunch of fab new wips that you have to keep us up to date with!

  18. You have a book deal? Oh, I am eaten up with envy!! On the other hand, I sure don't envy your deadline. And on top of surgery and everything else? Ohhh Dear Heart, I am sending you many good thoughts of strength and energy and cheer and HELPING HANDS!!

    The knitting is splendid. Those bus rides to the library will be well spent.

  19. I am just always astounded at what you go through. Seriously. I could not be more thrilled at your awesome news; I don't know anyone more deserving. Congrats!


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