22 September 2008

Damson Hemlock

Some quick knitting content!

This is the Hemlock Ring Rug which I'm knitting for a friend in Tassie ... really enjoying this pattern! I'm using the version as corrected by The Rainey Sisters, and have had no problems so far.

In just about a week I've started and got to the start of the feather & fan section (around row 46 or so). These two photos aren't great (taken at night with flash) ... but you get the idea! Is pretty!!

It's all a bit lumpy now, but will flatten beautifully once it's washed and blocked :)

This is a more accurate photo of the colour of the lovely Rustic 12 ply (Damson colour). Oh yeah, I showed you that before. Ooops. Brain is a tad fried at the moment ...

Conference call with my Acquistions Editor, and being introduced to my Project Editor (who I'll work closely with throughout the book writing process) in 4 hours (11pm my time, 9 am theirs)! Am a bit nervous ...


  1. Is indeed very pretty!

    Good luck with your conference call - but I know you'll be fine!

  2. Pretty - like a big purple aster!

  3. Its so beautiful and purple and I can see myself sitting in the spring Tasmanian sunshine with it on my lap...although the cats will be very jealous!

  4. Oh it looks so good. Can't wait to start mine some time this week!

  5. All those tweedy colours from Bendigo are just lovely and your Hemlock is looking so pretty!!
    Happy Belated Birthday too!!

  6. I love the colour. Have now decided I MUST have one, but having trouble deciding on a colour & yarn. Drama Drama Drama!


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