16 December 2008

56 puzzles on the wall, if one of those puzzles should fall, there'll be 55 ...

Still alive .... 56 puzzles (roughly 150-180 hours of work) and 19 working days to go - I got a 1 week extension for the main book, to 5 January, thank goodness! Can you believe it, it's up on Amazon already! LOL.

FIL is still in hospital, now in 'rehab' phase. He has a (probable) broken rib and some bladder/prostate problems (not cancer, but a recurring problem). He's pretty vile, complaining and generally carrying on. We don't see him every day - only so much stress a body can take!
Yesterday was surprising, in a good way - I actually WON something - our local shopping centre (Erindale) has a Christmas Prize Draw thingy happening - if you spend more than $20 at a shop, you get an entry form to put in the huge barrel, and they draw out a prize each day. Well - I won a Sony Cybershot digital camera! How cool is that?! I think it's the first prize I've ever won, apart from a pack of baby toys when my son was a toddler, so 19 years ago ...

OK, back to it. Have not got time (or the mental wherewithal) to read or comment on blogs, or do much apart from working and household chores, so please excuse my absence from - well - just about everything! 0_o

PS My finger has healed up nicely, thank you for all your kind wishes. I even got my Scissors Licence back!


  1. OMG you're on Amazon! congratulations! (or would you rather save those til you're finished?).

  2. Oh, so very close to the finish, good puzzle writing luck!!! What a great prize to win!!

  3. How terrific to win a camera!

    Keep going with the puzzles - the end is in sight.

  4. Obviously the camera means that you are coming to a photo finish on the book. Persevere! You WILL succeed! Then you can fall down and fall apart for a few days. Stay in bed and eat icecream or lie in the sun and drink beer or whatever feckless activity pleases you best. And we'll stand by and cheer!!


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