03 December 2008

Son Socks

A little knitting is happening, amidst the unrelenting work ... these are socks for my son (who turns - gasp - 20 this month!). Not birthday pressies, just long-overdue.

He chose this 6 ply Opal sometime last year (or was it the year before?!). Just a standard sock pattern; he has slender ankles and feet, so I figure that knitting a women's size, using 2.5mm needles with the 6ply yarn will work well. Knits up fast too!

We're having some fun and games with my FIL - he's nearly 86, has severe Asperger's and worsening dementia ... very difficult man. Anyway, he had a bad fall on the weekend, and yesterday was suddenly in cringing agony. I ended up calling an ambulance, as it wasn't clear if he was having a heart attack (severe pain in his chest on the left side).

In the end he's probably just badly torn some muscles - he needed morphine - and they've kept him in overnight to keep an eye on him. He's just in a bed in a corner of the Casualty Ward, so nothing flash, or restful. I've got to go see him shortly. Hubby did the main event yesterday. Sigh.

Hopefully he's getting an Aged Care Assessment done, though, which we've been wanting for years (he still lives alone) ... this will enable him to get the assistance he needs to stay at home, or get him into a nursing home if that's where he should be. He refuses to discuss such things, or have anyone 'in the house' to talk about this (hence the lack of an ACAT assessment before now). So this is a good thing. Sigh again.

ETA : Just heard they're going to admit him to a ward, for further assessment, or something. Basically, he's not able to look after himself as he is at the moment.


  1. Gals your FIL is being well cared for in Hospital. Hope all is well.
    Nice socks, I have never used the 6ply, but it looks pretty, though I am not sure I should call wool for a man's sock 'pretty'!!!

  2. I don't know about your son but if he's like my DH than he is quite patient when it comes to waiting for knitted items. The downside is that it means it's easy to put off a project for them.

    Sorry to hear that it took a nasty fall to get you FIL the care that he needs. But at least now maybe he'll get the care he needs whether he likes it or not.

  3. Jejune, it's always something, isn't it? My mom had a dental emergency the day after we got back from FLA. I'm taking her to an oral surgeon tomorrow. Eesh. Her problem was most likely caused by the dentist who pulled one of her teeth - it was hard to get out and a ton of yanking ensued - and now that side of her face is swollen and it's all in the cheek (not the gum or bone where the tooth came out). Eesh. Of course the surgeon whom the dentist recommended she see won't say the dentist caused the problem! And I bet the swelling is down by time her appt. comes around on Thursday. It's always something. Such is life!

    Love the son socks - very subtle hint of blue with the gray and cream colors - so nice for a fine young man as your son is.

    Take care ...

  4. A good thing about the menfolk is that they seem to be reasonably patient when waiting for the knitted goodies!

    Sorry about your FIL but if it means he gets the right assistance he needs then I guess it is a good thing. Hope everything is good in that regard soon, for you all.

  5. Sorry to hear about the drama with your FIL. I hope he get the appropriate care and consideration. I feel terribly guilty about being glad not to have aging parents as they both died over 30 years ago. My father sounds a lot like your FIL and I'm glad I didn't have those issues to deal with; he lived to be 89 but was in a retirement home the last 4 years.

  6. Sorry to hear of the recent events with FIL. My Mom is starting to get overwhelmed with her home so I am taking baby steps. I have visited an Assisted Living Facility 3 miles from my home. She can have a Bedroom w/Den and a kitchen and large handicap bathroom. She can keep her cat as long as she can take care of her, which she can. Three, three course, meals a day. A snack bar and activities. Jeez, my sister and I think we should move in. LOL
    The socks look perfect for a guy.

  7. Best of luck with your FIL. Often, strangers can do more for our parents because they don't have all the "previous issues" clouding the picture.

    Very manly sock!

  8. Oh I feel for you,my 11 year old ia diagnosed High Functioning Autstic but has Asperger and ADHD tendencies (probably referred to him in previous comments)
    As he gets older hes becoming more difficult..
    Nice socks too,my two sons are waiting for their socks too,one will get theirs this year but I havent even bought the second one his wool yet,the Frog Rainforest from Opal,I have just the leg to do on the first,Snake,they're into reptiles etc..


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