08 December 2008

Clearly need my 'Scissors Licence' revoked

This is a bit gross, so don't look if you're at all squeamish....


I won't tell anyone if you don't read any further, it's OK.

OK, if you're sure?

This is what happens when you use your sharp knitting tool kit scissors to trim a toenail, and you're not watching carefully, and are generally overtired :

This is after 2 days, as well. You wouldn't believe how much it bled (or maybe you would). F**king painful, too.

Q3 deadline is tonight, am nearly finished the last puzzle for this batch. Work on Q4 starts first thing tomorrow. Am unspeakably exhausted. FIL is still in hospital, complaining non-stop and pissing everyone off. Christmas preparations = zero.

ETA : it's the middle finger on my left hand. Typing is a bit difficult, but I can still knit!


  1. Great segway and I kept going and looked. Yes. I've done the same stupid things to end up with gashes. Have you any Neosporin? I put that on with a bandage and in a few days all is much improved.

  2. I'm sorry but my first reaction (after 'Yuk') was "How is she going to knit?"

  3. Ouch, you poor thing. Hope it heals soon. I once knelt on a knife and stabbed my leg!!! I have an excellent scar!!

  4. I think that it's the plastic safety scissors for you from now on!

  5. Ow! And you know you definitely are not allowed to run with scissors.

  6. Ouch! You poor thing! Wish you could take a break and enjoy the leadup to Christmas rather than be adding it to your list of things to worry about!

  7. OK, someone needs to give you a professional pedicure for Christmas. At least the wound is nice and pink, not angry red and puffy. You have obviously learned your antiseptic procedures and are applying them appropriately. And you can still knit? Rock on, baby!

  8. Ouch!

    You poor thing - get better soon

    Sympathies on the FIL - hope he's better soon too

    I have managed a bit of christmas - but not much - sigh

    That's the way it goes sometimes!

  9. OUCH!!!!! I believe it must have hurt like a you know what.

    Best to use regular toenail clippers, I suspect.

    Lesson learned!

  10. Hehehe, how many people started their comment with the same word - Ouch! And I posted mine without reading the others first.

  11. Oh, yes - and whatever you do, don't run with scissors too!

  12. OWWWWW!!! I was worried how you were going to knit! I sliced my thumb last night and my first thought was "OH CRAP! HOW AM I GOING TO KNIT! It's such a pain to knit without a perfect thumb!"

    Is this a sickness???


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