17 December 2008

Sunshine & Lollipops

Have cast on a cute little cotton summer hat for myself (Anchor Magicline, insanely bright colours). The Sunshine and Lollipops pattern by Canberra's talented machen/machen (beautifully designed pattern PDF too, great typography and lay out!)

Must say this Sony Cybershot handles reds better than my 2-year-old Olympus ... and low light shots sans flash (ISO 3200!).

Still, you know, working. Am pretty exhausted / fed up / cross / sick / PMS-ey today. Grrrrrr.


  1. Beautiful! Alison is such a clever chook.

    I'm loving the colours your new camera is giving us! So bright!

  2. Beautiful, bright colors. I hope it helps you get through all of the work. The thought of all those words.....do they haunt your sleep?

  3. Thanks so much for the link to the hat - looks like excellent theraupeutic sitting under a tree type of knitting - there may be one knitted for everyone in the house!

  4. It is a cheery bright hat, the pattern is so cute. I am humming the Sunshine, Lollipops song now.

  5. Good camera, nice knitting, and a new avatar. Survival skills, you haz 'em.

  6. The hat is awesome!! I love the color.

    I have been doing puzzles in your honor each night...

  7. Love the colors. Glad you have that extension. great news about winning such a great camera. I take all my pictures in the no flash mode.
    We have No Solicting signs every where in our community but the religious folks don't think they are!! They just don't get it.


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