21 November 2007

Two True Things

In the past few days I've been looking through all our photos, and have come up with a few true things to share...

True Thing #1
: I've been knitting for a long time... this is a fair isle jumper I knit in the round in the early 1980s - photo taken in 1987 (I was 23). This is the one I unravelled and turned into a cardigan two years ago.

True Thing #2 : My daughter was born naughty! Look at her - lying there, doing nothing, giving me the finger, and she's all of 5 months old! LOL! Photo taken on Christmas Eve 1991.

OK, enough distraction, better get back to The Bloody Boxes.


  1. ah, some things never change, huh? She's so cute.

    and that jumper is a gorgeous work of art!

  2. My friend's husband calls it "catch and release knitting" when you knit something, then ravel it out and knit something else. That sweater is awesome!

  3. What a lovely photo of you. I'm glad it survived. And some kids are just born with it, you know they are trouble from the time they look up at you with that look in their eyes. "ready to rumble?" they seem to be saying.

  4. That's a great photo of you, and your naughty baby! (and is that a cloth nappy I spy??!!)

  5. How time flies....we were once young and care free then all of a sudden we are giving birth to babies with attitude.

  6. Ah, you havent changed a bit...seriously!

    And neither has Dotter, LOL! ;-)

  7. Love the baby photo!! That's brilliant :)

  8. True Thing #3: You look as pretty today as you were then.
    True Thing #4: Dotter sure it naughty giving her mamma the finger!

  9. Jen reminds me of the smiley face that tells everybody he's serious about sport in those TV commercials!

    Both photos are excellent! I hope you didn't end up losing too many.

  10. I love the eighties hair - we had very similar hairstyles! And dJenny's bubby photo is hilarious : )
    I couldn't get through on your email so here's a comment for your blog instead. I hope the move on the weekend went well and that you're all recovering. Did you get rained on? I hope not; those storm clouds liked serious business. They swirled around Wagga a few times without raining but belching out a few thunder rolls before going on east toward the ACT.

    Also, I wanted to let you know that the Cafe Press package came through fine. I'm very excited about the journals; one's for me and one's for a friend. I just have to figure out which one she gets! Decisions, decisions.


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