06 December 2005

Bubby Bear

Argh. This one was fiddly - probably a bit beyond my abilities at the moment! I'm a tangy knitter, not a piquant...
The pattern is Bubby Bear on Knitty.

I had a few problems with the pattern - the feet, for example, look much bigger in the photos on Knitty than I managed - and I was sticking to the pattern - maybe the designer went to bigger needles to do them? And there is one section which has 5 stitches to be grafted together (which isn't an even number, and hence won't work) - I did it with 6. And the neck - oh the neck... 6 stitches on 3 DPNs - just way too damn fiddly.

Still, I wanted to make something cute and small and easy to send to London for my new nephew Benjamin, and the end result is not too bad. I had about 4 attempts at the face, and ended up adding a lop-sided grin. I opted for an i-cord bow instead of ribbon (which bubs could chew and untie/choke on).

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