29 December 2005

A fresh start

This is the final picture of my lacy shrug... I finally did it - ripped out the shrug I'd been making with the aqua blue Totem from my poor old jumper... I didn't like the feel of the lace pattern, or the wide kimono-stype sleeves, and it kept bugging me - and I wasn't knitting much. And I have been lusting after the Not-So-Shrunken Cardigan from Knit & Tonic more than anything.

So yesterday I undid all the shrug knitting (I'd done about 1/4 of it, and kept my eyes on the ball winder and off the poor garment on the floor), and have re-washed the wool to ease out the crinkles, and have just bought the Cardigan pattern! Very exciting!

Taphophile has given me some more 8ply wool, in dark blue, as I don't have enough of the aqua blue by itself, so I'll be adding some stripes to the lower edge of the body and sleeves. Will upload pics as they're available.

Today we had a wonderful Stitch 'n' Bitch at Happyspider's home - much fun was had by all, with spinning, knitting, winding balls, unravelling tangles, browsing through knitting books and magazines, all accompanied by sushi, more yummies, and, of course, plenty of tea. My dear dotter finished the scarf she was making for a friend in Ireland, I finished the wrist warmers for the London brother-in-law, Taphophile wound many skeins into balls, Happyspider spun lots of wool from fluffy stuff, and young Irene learnt how to knit for the first time! It was a perfect day :D


  1. how's this for cute! she's a born knitter!

  2. So many lovely yarn addicts, so much fun, so productive. Indeed a perfect day :) We even had CHOCOLATE!


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