20 December 2005

What happens to yukky knitted things

They get unravelled and turned into new NICE things! See how they sit there, all innocent and unaware of their FATE! Actually, I must admit that the girl's cotton jumper, although a vile colour, was a very nice design.

I don't know what I'm going to do with the pile of feathery pastel stuff (the scarf cost me $1), but the ton of Barbie pink 100% cotton is brilliant. I'm thinking purple RIT dye... At $3 for the jumper from Salvos, it was a bargain! I'm not going to bother balling it, as I'm likely to dye it in the near future anyway. I should have enough for a little cotton top for some small niece or other, or maybe even something for ME.

29 December Update : the pink cotton is now PURPLE thanks to a packet of RIT Cold Water dye, lots of salt, and some Cold Dye Fix... it is dry, and in the process of being wound into balls!


  1. yeah, i actually would wear the cotton sweater as is if i found it to be miraculously my size. But yes, horrific shade of pink not neccesarily my 'bag'.
    ooh ooh something for you!!!! do it do it do it!!

  2. and of course, the feathers should be bound into a loose rag doll and used as voodoo for ALL the feathers yarn in the world. it could work....

  3. A feathers voodoo doll - EXcellent (imagine Mr Burns rubbing his skeletal hands together in wicked glee)...
    are your sure would that kill ALL the nasty feathers wool in the world, or just in my stash?

    I must admit I considered just sending the pink jumper to a small niece - it was a size 8, and Land's End, so very good brand and all. But then the call of 100% cotton got to me, and I started snipping seams ;)

  4. That's the "Barbie Spew" Feathers! Oh now, I'm having a horrid flash back to the THREE scarves I knitted in that for my two nieces and one goddaughter. Noooooooooooooooooooo!


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