19 December 2005

Ruby's Bag

It's my niece's 4th birthday in early January, so I made this little knitted bag for her - I used a Frugal Knitting Haus pattern as the basis, but changed it as I went. Used extra colours, added a dash of Fair Isle, and used a broken rib pattern for the lower-most pattern.

I only used 60 stitches around (instead of 100) to make it more suited to a small girl. The top edge is a c*****ted border with my lovely special yarn (which I'm saving for a Lynne Johnson tea cozy) - Heirloom AMOUR, made in France, colour 188. Très très beau!


  1. wow your niece will love it! you must post a pic of your special yarn so we can all worship unanomously.
    so cute!!!

  2. Pic of gorgeous Amour yarn has been added, your wish is my command :)


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