08 December 2005

Mini Sock

Here's my first attempt at a sock, following the 'Mini Sock' tutorial on Knitty, which covers all the techniques you need, but doesn't waste time or wool on making a full-size sock. I found shaping the gusset confusing, as my yarn wasn't where the pattern said it should be... but it turned out OK. I have been initiated into the mysteries of sock-knitting, and come out the other end in one piece, with a cute little sock too!

So now on to a REAL pair...


  1. LOL! Do I need to slap you lightly about the face, happyspider? :D

  2. Quick, dampen one of your newly knitted face cloths and refresh her. :)

  3. i think i'll cope without, i also have sock yarn, and i find it quite reviving :p


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