23 December 2005

Warm hand thingies

I'm making these for my brother-in-law in London... I hope they fit, as I'm just guessing sizes. Anyway, it's this pattern from Knitty, and I'm using some deep purple Totem from a 'reclaimed' vest from Taphophile's mum (she of the endless 8ply stash). I'm using slightly smaller needles than specified, and made the thumb/button hole over 10 stitches not 6, as 6 was obviously way too small (yeah, had to rip it out).

I finished the first warmer tonight, and started the second one. They'll be late for Chrissy, and I must be MAD to be knitting in this heat, but - well, you know, it's KNITTING.

I can see I'm going to have to make these for my whole family - they're great. Less bulky than fingerless-gloves, and keep your wrists nice and toasty (yeah, just what we need in this 38ºC heat!). I love the feel of double rib, and the Totem is so nice and light.


  1. and i'll bet the dotter would swoon for them....
    keep cool, happy christmas, see you both thursday :)

  2. Love the wrist warmer. Am seriously revising my opinion about the needabililty of them in my wardrobe! Drat you, Jejune, another project is NOT what I require. :)


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