06 December 2005

The Piano Stool

We've had this stool for ages, but the de-light-ful bright orange vinyl covering was rapidly disintegrating, leaving raw foam. Not exactly a great fashion statement!

I found a pattern for a felted cat basket (ie a flat circle with a rim), conferred with my cool teenagers about the right colours, and started knitting! I used a (hopefully) durable and washable acrylic yarn. The top of the seat is knitted on straight needles, using short rows (with 3-stitch increments). It came together beautifully, and was fun to do.

Then, using the grey, I crocheted a single chain onto the edge of the circle, and then picked up the stitches with a circular needle. I knitted the edge in a K2 P2 rib... during this process my 16 year old son kept wearing it as a beret. Yeah, with the needles too. Very cool.

I did several rows of decreases, and then bound off - which was a mistake, of course, as the edge was too tight, and wouldn't stretch over the edge of the stool! So I undid the BO row, and instead threaded the tail through the last row of stitches, and that became a draw-string. THEN it worked :D

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