30 January 2006

Bamboo Bliss

They've arrived! (Well, actually they arrived last Friday) My very own sexy Addi bamboo DPNs! I got 2.0mm and 3.5mm, both sets of 5. They're quite short - only 15cm long - but oh so lovely to use. *swoon*

The 3.5mm needles are George, and they are doing good service on a new pair of Voodoo Wrist Warmers (this time for ME). As for the 2.0mms, they are the collective Luc, very sexy (sock-sy, get it?) with the grey Patonyle (thanks HappySpider!)...


  1. next one my list - some 2mm bamboo dpns... im waiting for the rave reviews and socksy pictures :p

  2. Oooh, I'd forgotten - it's Patonyle night on Thursday. Must put money aside now....

  3. Hey, hope the bamboo needles help the hand pain - I find that mine are much nicer to knit with than metal ones.


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