20 January 2006

I *had* to!

31 Jan 06 : Here's the knitting part finished and sewn together - I've got the zipper, now just need a scrap of satiny fabric for the lining, and we're in business!

Today I was at Jamison, so I had to go to Cassidy's, and Othlon and I just about fell over looking at ALL THE YARN they have - it's amazing! I really need a small clutch bag, something to hold my purse and phone and keys when I go out at night (yeah, like it's a lot). Anyway, I'm making a very simple bag - tightly knit rectangle, folded in half, sides sewn up, zipper sewn into the top. I'm using 5.5mm needles.

These two yarns are just gorgeous - got them from the sale table at Cassidy's (Yes, they have TABLES of wool on sale, not just a few bins). The photo doesn't do them justice, the colours are warmer... The soft olive green is Grignasco "Arabesco" (colour 860) - a merino, polyamide and acrylic blend. The lovely ribbony stuff is Filatura di Rosa "Tai" (colour 57), a cotton polyamide blend. It's shiny, and a mix of gold, light orange, soft olive, and warm brown.

I love this bag already!


  1. Love the olivey green - looks eminently strokable :0)

  2. oooooohhhh yummmmmm.
    i really need to get myself to cassidys, its been an age :p

  3. understand the concept of 'just had to'


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