18 January 2006

Musical Mitts

They're finally done, my son's musical wrist warmers. He plays electric guitar and bass, so the dual clefs appealed to him.

These are adapted from the Voodoo Wrist Warmers pattern on Knitty. My son designed the bass and treble clefs, and I made them. Both were unravelled to the lower rib edge at least once each! My son is a little - obsessive? The top and bottom rib sections had to have exactly the same number of rows each (10), and the intarsia images had to be exactly centred etc etc... He wears them even though it's summer, so I guess he likes them ;)

These were my first attempt at intarsia - avoiding holes was the main problem, they kept appearing even though I was wrapping the two coloured strands around each other. Anyway, tis all done, and I do not need to do them again, and again, and again...!


  1. they are so so so great, i'd be wearing them too if i was he!
    you're inspiring me to try intarsia again... but i've promised myself i cant start anything new until i finish something... bummer

  2. Very harmonious :) Look great and glad they are well loved alrady.


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