26 January 2006

White Rabbit announcing...

...my son leaving home, perhaps? I started this cross stitch birth sampler before my son was born, and although it's finished (with his name and date of birth omited for privacy reasons), I've never got around to framing it. Now that he's nearly a legal adult, do you think I should do something about it? LOL!

More cross stitch pics to follow, just for some variety :)


  1. Sounds like an 18th birthday present to me, Jejune. :)

  2. Oh yes, VERY cool ;) I can just see it on his bedroom wall, next to the Shihad and Cog posters... LOL! Has good embarrassment potential, doesn't it.

  3. the one i was given is a large full blown poppy in about 16 colours.. you know, all the shading and toning and eep!
    i have started it and am enjoying it. dont know if it will take over from knitting though :)

  4. or if you were extremely wicked ... a 21st present - you could hang it next to the bath pictures!

  5. I like your thinking on this one, Susan! I've got a couple of years to get it framed, then, which should be enough time ;)

    The poppy sounds lovely, HappySpider - I look forward to seeing it next week (you ARE bringing it to Stitch 'n' Bitch, aren't you?).

  6. oh.. we'll see. only if i dont stuff it up first :p


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