06 January 2006

Knit a Toddler

Yesterday my niece (nearly 4) visited, and I showed her how to use the ball winder, and helped her do the basics of knitting - first holding the needles as I moved them, and then doing the yarn over the needles while I knit... a good start!

I let her play with the ball of green ack-rylic that she'd wound... anyone want to knit a toddler?!
I'm still trying to unravel the knots! :D


  1. oh wow! looks just like irene and i on the lounges in civic with our bizarre fun-fur concoction (honestly, lincraft is full of sadists. novelty yarns are FOR beginner knitters. WHY would you make an exploding ball of novelty yarn????)
    she looks so proud, its adoreable!!

  2. You can't see her feet well in this pic, but she'd carefully looped the yarn around each toe...

    She did pretty well - wound a whole ball of green stuff, and sat on my lap for about 15 minutes to have her first knitting lesson - not bad for a lively young lady with a short attention span!

  3. At least it's a bottle green toddler mess - it could so easily have been Barbie Spew toddler mess. Ugh!

    She's very cute, though, and obviously enjoying her first yarn experience. That is a Good Thing TM. :)


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