17 January 2006

Official Gloat

I was at Salvos at Weston Creek yesterday, and I couldn't believe my eyes - there were 3 bags full of wool for $10... yes, folks, $10. In these bags, which I grabbed with almost unseemly haste (only growling slightly at nearby shoppers) was :

19 balls of Pingouin Sorbet, cream/white, all the same dye lot and in its orginal wrapping. 50% acrylic, 30% polyamide, 10% mohair, 10% wool. Sparkly.

12 balls of Pingouin Sorbet, in a soft aqua blue, all the same dye lot. Also sparkly.

• An unopened reel of very fine knitting-in elastic, pale pink, 400 m.

• Some assorted balls of wool / acrylic / odds and ends.

• A single glove, a half-finished doll's jumper, and some knitted squares

So I'm fairly pleased, and I think I've just slipped into some higher level of 'stash acquisition' as my stash no longer fits in the wooden chest in my living room. There's enough to actually knit a WHOLE thing. I've tried dyeing the cream with food colouring, and there's enough animal fibre to take the dye, so this may end up being more colourful, too :)


  1. BARGAIN! That mint green is slightly scary and reminds me of 1983 for some reason, but if the mohair takes colour it may well be salvagable. Well done. :)

  2. Yes, it is a bit 80s retro. Othlon actually likes the minty blue and is eyeing it off for her cable hat - go figure ;)

    I'll have to knit a swatch to see how it feels when knitted... it's pretty soft, but the sparkly stuff is a worry. It's really *very* sparkly - good for a fairy dress for a little girl :)

  3. Sparkly, minty, Othlon? You make me fearful.

  4. Yes, I know - I am perplexed, nay, even confused! What happened to my black black black girl?

  5. Eeew, I tried to knit a swatch with the Sorbet yesterday, and only got through one row. It SQUEAKS. And the shiny filaments are a bit much for me. Taphophile agreed.

    Will help this lot find a new home on eBay.

  6. The Sorbet has found nice new happy homes via my first eBay excursion, which went very well :)


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