03 January 2006

BALLS to you!

I have been very remiss — I should have posted this last week, but Christmas, a birthday, and unbelievable heat intervened...

Taphophile bought me a SINGER WOOL WINDER off eBay!! Best. Present. Ever. It's in the original box (held together with blue electrical tape) and everything... it is SO COOL. For the record, she gave it to me on 24th December.

Isn't it funny - a few months ago I didn't even know what a wool winder was, and now I HAVE one, NEED it, and LOVE it.

Also, Dear Dotter gave me some needles and wool for Christmas - 2 sets of DPNs (both sets of 5 needles), a bamboo circular (short 4.5mm), and 3 balls of black Heirloom 'Merino Magic' wool.

I will post photos soon!


  1. ...and now for the more difficult search for the elusive swift, a near-mythical beast!

  2. my eyes are officially peeled (though any i find at work are first dibs to taphophile methinks, at least until she has one made for her).
    the cooma place has them for $160 and $103 but you appear to be made more of person than of money so one shall try harder to find a second-hand one...

  3. Thank you Happyspider, I appreciate it - it's not an urgent need, and Taphophile is certainly at the head of the waiting line.

    Yes, you're certainly right about the money stuff ;) I'll keep an eye out too on eBay etc...


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