04 September 2007

Bleu Cheese Yummies!

Dotter, BoyFriend and I had a delightful afternoon over at George's place on Saturday - the German waffles with cherry sauce and the very rare treat of whipped cream were SO yummy! A great lot of friends to share it all with too. I hadn't realised that Lulu had snuck into my knitting bag until we caught her at the waffles! I'm just glad we stopped her before she found the rack of wine behind her...

Now, as promised, the recipe for the Bleu Cheese Pastries I made for the occasion.

Bleu Cheese Pastries

  • 2 tspns soft butter
  • 2 medium onions, finely chopped
  • 300g bleu vein cheese, crumbled (Blue Castello, mmmmm)
  • 1/2 cup (40g) finely grated parmesan cheese
  • 3 Tbspns chopped fresh herbs - a mix of parsley with one or two others is good - I added fresh thyme; basil works well too
  • 2 cups cooked short-grain rice (I used brown)
  • 20 sheets filo pastry (or so) - remember to keep covered with a damp teatowel to stop it drying out.
  • olive oil spray

Melt butter in pan, add onions, cook, covered, over low heat until onions are soft. Combine the onions, cheeses, herbs, and rice in bowl; mix well.

Get 1 sheet of filo pastry, spray lightly with olive oil spray. Place a second sheet of filo pastry on top. Cut into 3 or 4 equal strips (cutting crosswise along the shorter dimension of the sheet). Put about a Tablespoon of mixture at one end, and roll up, using a dab of water to help secure the end of the pastry. Place on lightly-greased tray (or on a silicon baking sheet). Before baking, spray rolls lightly with oil spray.

Bake in moderately hot oven (200ºC) for about 15 minutes, or until lightly browned. Serve hot or cold.

Makes about 30 rolls. Can be made up to 3 hours ahead. Storage : covered in refrigerator. Uncooked rolls can be frozen.

(This recipe is my adaptation of a recipe from The Women's Weekly Finger Food #2 Cookbook.)

Lastly, these are just a very few of the wonderful handmade cards BoyFriend's mother Julie makes - with matching decorated envelopes! She is a serious card maker, and will be having stall of her lovely wares at the Tuggeranong Homestead Markets on this Sunday 9th September, from 9am - 2pm. She's known as The Paper Wrangler, and she'll have over 500 cards ready for sale!


  1. That's the next one I have to try, just looks so good!
    Welcome home Lulu, now remember what happens to bad little lambs, mint sauce and rosemary ......

  2. hey Lulu! Good to see you back.

    Great recipe Jejune. Thanks! You know I love these. :-)

  3. As my mum says "the only kind of good food is finger food". Wise woman, my mum. And these were indeed yummilicious!

    Thanks very much for sharing the recipe. Can't wait to make them!

  4. Yummy recipe. Will have to give it a try. Would be great for my next holiday gathering. And what great cards. Love them ... so whimsical and very well done.
    Your trip to the eatery sounded like a good "Jejune partial day" - glad to hear you enjoyed, and Lulu did, too.

  5. It's Jejune day two. Hope it's divine!

    Something tells me Lulu hasn't changed a bit. Mint sauce and rosemary!

  6. Welcome back Lulu! The place just hasn't been the same without you...


  7. Just on that Flyer you posted about,check out the Ashford site and see if theres a match,it looks like an Elizabethan? part.I have a Traditional but its quite old 20years and I have a thought that Ashford may have changed the design a bit there too,
    Like the look of those pastries,thanks for sharing recipie!!!

  8. Thanks for sharing Jejune - Beloved has been raving about these! He made the leftovers magically disappear in very short order after the knitting gals had vacated the premises....

    I've done an inventory, and so far I can vouch for Lulu's behaviour. Maybe she's learnt her lesson?? Dare we hope?


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