12 September 2007

Back on target!

I've just completed two biggish puzzle jobs, above and beyond my usual workload, so I have resurfaced for air, and should be able to actually, you know, read blogs again! Anyway, on with the story...

I am an itinerant archer. I've had a bow for about 4 years now - I shoot a Samick Mizar recurve bow, with 22 lb Win & Win Challenger limbs. I like target and indoor archery best of all. My hubby and son also shoot (they're both compound archers). I love it, it's the only sport I really enjoy. However, I haven't shot for nearly a year :(

I'd like to shoot more regularly, but utter exhaustion, family duties, and fibromyalgia frequently get in the way. Highly frustrating. I work for our club as a committee member, having been Secretary, and currently being Registrar and Web Master, but rarely get on the range.

About a year ago I made a ribbed archery beanie, which although looking cool, was heavily on the large side. I've revisited the project, and after quite a bit of ripping out and other carryings on, have come up with this little number.

Posing with my Cartel arrows, arm guard and finger tab.

Here is it mid-way along. I knit it using the magic loop method, which worked a treat. The pattern is now up on my web site!

Dotter's boyfriend M wants to try archery (see, more proof that he's lovely!) so I'll be taking him to our Come & Try program this Sunday - a good chance to get my bow out too and get back into it! I'm planning to get some shooting time on my Tuesdays. The blasted weather hasn't been cooperating for the past fortnight, though – strong winds and rain are really no good for archery!

A gratuitous cute puppy piccie. For some reason Lily hopped into my son's rubbish bin (it was empty, honest!), and she liked it there! She sat in it for ages after he put it down sideways on the floor... All frow-ed out.
Hmmm, I probably should have thrown her out after the wee incident. It was my Branching Out alpaca scarf that was 'dipped' - it's all washed and better now.

My third Jejune day was very nice, thank you - didn't even step outside once. Slept in (Dotter is home sick, so no 8am trip to school), did some reading, and painting, and knitting. Not much else! Bliss!

In answer to Catsmum - it is hard using the bow with FMS - I have about the lightest draw weight possible, and can't shoot much further than 25 m, or more than about 30 arrows. I also practice with Theraband.


  1. Heh, puppy in the bin!

    So archery too - you are too clever! (I was going to say, "so many strings to your bow" but that is tooooo groanworthy!!!)

  2. Poor baby in the bin!!! So very cute!! We ahve the Archery club up the hill on the way to where we walk at the dam. The flag flies when someone is archerying!!! Love the hat: right on target there!!

  3. Just don't wear the beanie to the archery range - you don't want to find out the hard way that there's a Dick Cheney in your archery club!

  4. Excellent new pattern, Jejune. Thanks. Hope you get back on the range soon.

  5. Cute hat. Perfect choice for the sport. I have FMS also, hard working around it. At least it is no longer "in my head"

  6. Silly Lily! Too cute. Loving the beanie!

    I second kate's comment !

  7. Trying to get my head around how someone with FMS manages to pull a bow.

  8. Archery? You are SO cool!

    I've seen many white trash b*tches, but none as cute as Lily!

  9. Love that beanie! How cute of Lily to go in the waste bin ... she's sprung back to her chipper little self after that operation, good girl.

    Glad to hear your Jejune Day was "on point" - close to home, but you still managed to carve out your day of whatever you wanted to do or not to do.

    Enjoy getting back to the sport of archery. It's a great discipline and challenge.

  10. Kate put my thought exactly - you have no idea if Dick's left his glasses at home! Soinds like another nice Jejune day!

  11. Dude! Is there anything you can't do?!

  12. Cute hat..very worthy of your talents...which appear to be many...

  13. Your talents are endless - artist, puzzle meister, inventive cook and now archer. Jejune, slow down!!!

    Glad that your 3rd YOU day was so nice a relaxing : )


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