21 September 2007

Oh for joy

Just got The Call from our real estate agent - the house is being put on the market, so we have to move. No set deadline yet, but given the shocking state of Canberra's rental market (less than 1% vacancy rate, worst in history), we'd better start sooner rather than later. I was pretty sure we were on borrowed time, after the inspections and evaluations in March this year, so it's not a huge surprise. Bugger it. Our 11th move in 23 years.

In nicer news, here's the lovely green lightly-felted 'bag' that Susan sent me, FULL of Jolly Rancher watermelon lollies. Oh my! I *am* sharing, mostly. The bowl / bag is really wonderful, and will see much use, I'm sure. Thank you Susan!

In painterly news, here's Take 2 of my blue and white painting, in early stages...

... and where it's up to now. Hopefully I won't stuff it up in the final stages! The skein of wool only has it's under-painting done, lots more detail and depth to come... and the tea cup isn't quite finished yet, there's more pattern on the saucer to do.

Damn and blast. Gotta go start packing and house hunting. F**k.
Oh well, it's a good chance to de-clutter. whether we like it or not (and it's mainly not) :/


  1. I'm so sorry. I can only hope that it goes as smoothly as possible and that the new home comes together easily and affordably. It's asking a lot, i know, but I hope.

    The new painting is looking lovely. Nice touch including the needle gauage!

  2. B*gger re moving - but as you say, on the bright side a great chance to chuck stuff out!

    The painting is great - love the detail on the tea cup (you are so clever!)

  3. crap! what a pain in the arse.. good luck and all. blech.

    and the painting is gorgeous :)

  4. NOOOOOO! You're moving ??? I have your address memorized though!!! Please don't forget to give me your NEW address before you leave your old one! I hope moving goes smoothly though, moving sucks.

    That painting is amazing. The detail work on the cup is absolutely astonishing. As someone who has no painting skill whatsoever, I covet your ability. :)

  5. well that just SUCKS big time and even the decluttering is never a bonus because it takes time, effort and causes emotional pain. and im not saying that to make you feel bad but to let you know that i completely and utterly empathise and sometimes there is no bright side. although i really hope you do get one. and that painting is really lovely and apart from the waratah collage, is, i think, my favourite so far.

  6. My sincerest sympathy (from someone that had 20 home addresses during the past 18 years) - it gets harder every time! If you need any help at all just give me a shout - I pack better than most professional removalists. I hope you luck out and find a suitable place without delay.

    Gorgeous painting by the way, I just love the blue.

  7. Having a hubby in the military for the first 14 years of marriage, I know about moving. At least you don't have to give up your life, job and friends with a local move. But still you are being uprooted and that in itself bites.

    I hope the moving process doesn't interfere with Jejune days....you'll need them now, more than ever.

  8. Love that felted bowl and your painting is coming along so nicely, what great detail.

    Crapola re: having to move. Make sure I get your new address. Good luck house hunting. May you find something really fabulous, despite the horrific vacancy stats in your area. May you get as lucky as you are talented...

  9. Crap, crap, crap! Wish I lived closer. I'm a packing demon. It's all those jigsaw puzzles I did as a child. I am with you in spirit. (But can't you just hire some strong young professionals with equipment and experience to do this for you? Are they THAT expensive?)I'm with Five Ferns. Do not let Jejune day lapse!!

    The painting is coming along beautifully!

  10. UGHHHHH! I am so sorry about your having to move! That STINKS!!! Uck. In so many, many ways, I bet. Ugh. But man, that painting is great - you are so, so cool. And if you're ever up my way, you'd be a house guest I wouldn't mind having.

  11. I love the new painting! It is already showing the its promise. So sorry about the move. We moved 4 times in 5 years and for that period were like rolling stones, gathering no moss. Now, we have been in the same place for 22 years and boy is the moss thick around here! I have to do a voluntary clean out every fall or we would have no room for ourselves.

  12. Oh I hate moving, I hope it all goes well and you find somewhere nice to live. When I first left home to go taching, I lived in 21 houses/hostels in 4 years. It was horrid. I don't ever want to move again.

  13. I am really looking forward to seeing the finished painting, I like it! Love the tea cup!

  14. the painting is heavenly even in its not-finished state... the amount of layering you do is astounding.

  15. Oh no, Im so sorry, and as a fellow renter, very very sympathetic. At least its not the worst time of year to be looking for a new house...And of course if you need any help, just yell. Including a big strong bloke ;-)

    Im loving the new painting, beautiful work.

  16. poop-diddly-ding-dong-CRAP!

    Oh Nisi, that is just terrible.

    If there *were* to be a bright side to this tale of real estate fuckery, it would be that now you can get a room JUST FOR STASH!!!

    I know, I know, not practical, but you'd be the envy of every knitter

  17. Well, bloody bollocks. I hate it when landlords pul swifties like this, particularly when they assure you that they're nto going to sell. What a pain in the arse. I think you're very sensible to start looking now for more than one reason. I still remember with dread the inconvenience of having to show folks through our home when it was put on the market. Such a pain as I didn't want people to see my home in a schemozzle and felt obliged to clean it every open inspection (I refused to participate in occasional 'on call' inspections). Good luck with locating something.

    Shall continue to read/catch up with your blog now : )


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