26 September 2007

We have some winners!

Without further ado, the winners of my three Knitting Art card packs are ... (drum roll please) ...

Please email me with your postal address details, ladies!

And never fear everyone else, I will be repeating this event now and then :)

In other, less exciting news (and in brief) :

We had a great trip last weekend to Cooma to the Ashford / Past Times COMPLEX - this isn't just one shop, it's an old homestead as well, and so much more. Some pics for you to enjoy.... outside and in. Gay, the owner, was rather partial to Lulu ;) I now have a delightful Ashford wooden swift, too. It was worth the drive!

We visited family in Jindabyne, too - this is my niece Nicola with Lulu, who you will notice has a face mask, and is carrying a gun (thankfully only cardboard) - I'm sure not one of you is surprised.

As for my birthday - what can I say? My dear friends, you have ALL made it a very special time for me. Emails, comments, phone calls, gifts... I can't thank you enough. I don't have time to do justice to everything with photos, but a few highlights, amongst a truly stellar collection (including Belgian Dolfin chocolate) are George's stitch markers (made by her) :

  • The book Luxury Knits (cover in link differs from mine) from Bells
  • Purple & black striped pirate socks, purple MZ merino laceweight, and Ashford DPNs from Dotter
  • TWO sets of Brittany DPNs, nice short ones for socks, AND a lovely handmade shortbread stamp, from Taph
  • A BEAUTIFUL beret knit for me by Friend K. Beanies don't suit me. Berets do!
  • Danny Bhoy's Live Show DVD from my son
  • A hug from Dotter's Boyfriend M
  • and more...
My Secret Pal has outdone herself, with a special birthday edition package - with a copy of Knitting Lingerie Style, a back issue of Interweave Knits that I was missing, some cute magnets, candles, and more! The fibre highlights are two skeins of Koigu :

And two balls of NORO - my first ever! Amazing colourways, both of these. Molly, I am TRULY stunned.

The search for a new home has started, so I'm spending practically all my blogging time (and free time, and work time) trawling through real estate web sites, making calls, going to open houses, de-cluttering, packing, cleaning, and other vile tasks. I may be offline for some while, and not commenting or even reading blogs that much. I'll 'check in' when possible.


  1. Wow - what a great birthday haul - you have been very spoilt - so lucky!

    Hope you have similar luck with the house hunting.

  2. good birthday score!
    [ excited? who? Me?? ]

  3. It bites that you have to deal with the business side of life when you have all those lovely new yarns and toys to play with. Luckily they will patiently wait for you.

  4. I am so slow - I didn't realise it was your birthday! Happy birthday - it sounds like it was a grand day. Grand presents too!

  5. Squeee! I won a prize! Yayyyyy!

    Best of luck with the house hunt!

  6. That store/complex thingy looks awesome! I could spend some serious time (money!) in a place like that! Congrats on the new wheel, too. Good luck with the househunting! We'll all be here when you're done. (Hope it's not too long, though!)

  7. Cool, is that the place in Cooma? I have always meant to stop there but it's never open the times I'm going through.

    I think I may have missed saying happy birthday, too, and so, happy birthday! (I always say it's good to stretch it out as long as possible anyway).

  8. Happy Birthday Jejune!! Glad it was so lovely!
    The place in Cooma looks awesome! Definitely going there on my way through next time!! :)

    Good luck with the house hunt. Noone's idea of fun... but hope it's as pain-free as possible!


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