17 September 2007

What, ANOTHER lace project?

This is the start of the Ogee Lace Skirt from Interweave Knits. I'm using the Bamboozle 70% bamboo / 30% cotton blend from Lincraft. It's pretty splitty - not a lot of twist, so the yarn is more like a collection of threads that happen to be hanging out together... a bit tricky to use. But very pretty. This is my first bamboo experience!

The lace pattern is pretty straightforward, the main trouble I'm having is the needles are so big (8 mm), and the lace is so 'loopy' that it's easy to lose track of stitches, or where you're up to. I think it will get easier as more rows are knitted. I've had to restart over once already, and am keeping a lifeline in (the white thread), and plenty of stitch markers! The yellow chain is the provisional cast on.

Thought you'd like to see a few pics of stuff being worn - the Archery Beanie in situ. I went down to the range yesterday and had a bloody great time - even got my first ever all gold end (ie all 3 arrows were in the gold middle bit)! Not bad after a 13 month hiatus. Boyfriend M is hooked after his first lesson, too :D

And the Pink Spring Shawl (Forest Canopy pattern) - this is the shawl that features in my 'Pink Shawl' painting.

On Saturday I had the chance to meet the delightful Rose Red! It's SO COOL to meet blog friends for real - what an amazing world! Bells, George, Rose Red and I had brunch at A Bite to Eat at the Chifley shops... mmmm, pancakes with caramelised mangoes... Lulu snuck along, too, and tried to convince me this sign applied to her. None of us was fooled.

I've just updated my Knitting Art shop - there are more things to choose from, and all the prices have gone DOWN. If you're in the USA / Canada, and hankering after a mixed set of cards, you can now purchase single Knitting Art cards, so you can buy one of each to make a mixed set. Aussies can still buy mixed sets directly from me, but I only have 4 designs printed. The Knitting Art Cafe Press shop has all 6 designs.

The 'blue and white' painting I mentioned a few weeks ago has been ruined by yours truly - bleah. I should have stopped when the masking tape removed the surface of the paper in a few small areas. Or when the lace tablecloth got too fussy and complicated. Or when .... ah well, we all gotta have the disasters to learn from - I'll be having another go at this one soon.

And in news just in - I've won Stacie's competition! W00t! Thank you Stacie!! :D I can feel a competition of my own coming on... long overdue - stay tuned!


  1. Mmm purple lace - yum!

    It was great to meet you too, hopefully we can do it again sometime!

  2. I was seriously thinking of doing the ogee skirt on finer needles and a bigger size - if I could be bothered with the maths - cos I hate those 8mms with a passion. Shall be paying keen attention to your progress :]

  3. Congrats on the "all gold end" OMG, your shawl is beautiful. Will be watching the progress on the skirt.

  4. Loving the purple, Jejune. Congrats on a fine shoot. :)

  5. Good cess to your bowfinger!

    Is there any way you could dampen your yarn? When i was weaving, I aways soaked my linen yarn and worked it wet. It helps a lot!

  6. So jealous of the gathering. Sounds like a great time! (And how could it not be, with all those fun people?) BTW, I recently received one of your notecards (it held a wonderful note from Bells herself) and have to say, the card is beautful, and I've hung it near my computer so I can think of you both while I'm pretending to look for a job.

  7. I do love your pink/green shawl(my favourite colours) and I'm sure I can help you out with a lovely matching pin!

  8. it looks so pretty! I struggle with loose lace on big needles, too. It goes against my love of a firm, neat gauge.

  9. You have been so productive.

    Absolutely loving that lace shawl. And I was interested to read what you wrote about the bamboo splitting - I find the same thing with crocheting it, but I thought knitting might be a little easier on it. Regardless, it makes a really nice fabric when it's worked up!


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