28 September 2007

Ooooh Ravelry....

I'm in! In a mad mad twist of fate, someone has used the name Jejune, so I'm Jejune19 on Ravelry. Hopefully soon ALL of you (who want to) can click on that link and have it work...

This is proving to be a very welcome distraction from the daily disappointments and dramas of trying to find a new place to live. I can't give it a lot of time, but half and hour here and there is nice. It's definitely addictive!

I thought you'd like to see my new Ashford swift, which is a thing of mesmerizing beauty when it's spinning around! It was put in action for the first time tonight (bugger about the boxes in the background, but well, we are moving after all... I'm still getting used to it!). The first sacrificial skein was my Fibreworks Possum Merino, which is now in a lovely squishy ball.

My sister in London sent me these badges (as well as a rather stunning piece of framed Chinese calligraphy that spells out my name!) - I love them all, although I think the "RELIGION. Stupid Then. Stupid Now." is my favourite.

And what do you think of my rather spiffy Liana Kebal original flower pin made especially for my Spring Shawl? How cool is that? And it came with a cute badge, too, "If it looks like a lolly, I like it" - Liana's sweet 'tag line'.

There are no open houses we can attend this weekend, as practically all the rental properties have a NO PETS policy, which is pissing us off no end. Cuts our possible houses down by about 90%. Which is, frankly, quite worrying. Ah well, we've got a few months to 'get lucky' in :/


  1. Cool spinner ...

    Wonder if anyone is actually named Jejune (birth name)?

    Sugar honey ice tea about most of the rentals not allowing pets. Lily is such a tiny doll baby, too!

    Have fun blogging away the rental blues and may luck befall you soon with a lovely place to reside.

  2. Dear Chick,
    I love the badge "normal people worry me".
    your sister has a fine sense of humour.
    PS Don't wast your "YOU" day on Ravelry, its fun but that day is for your out of house therapy.
    hugs Gem

  3. Oooh, Ravelry, I'm surprised you've got time to blog at all!!

    Lovely swift - purty!

  4. oh my your swift is beautiful! They are such fun!!

    And those badges....superb!

    Yay for Ravelry!

  5. Yes, very excellent badges!!! Nice swift and wool, but very good luck searching for a house. I am so glad I ahve a house of my own so I can fill it with Labradors!!!!

  6. I like the badges, too! And you found me on Ravelry! Yay!

    Good luck with the rental hunting. It's not easy, I know.

  7. Good grief. If the rental housing availability rate is 1% and the pets OK availability is 90% ... that means that you've only got 0.1% availability. Good thing you started working on this early. May the force be with you because my deepest sympathy certainly is.

    I like the "are we there yet" badge!

  8. oh, I like the religion badge, I do!

  9. I like that swift, it's a thing of beauty!!!!Oh No, I'm having swift envy!!!!

  10. I like the religion button, too. It would definitely get me a lot of reaction at work. I work with a lot of folks who are very "religiously oriented".

  11. Lovely swift and great badges - bugger about the houses - had the same problem in uni (with my cats) - will look you up next time I get some time on ravelry (almost as timewasting as kittens and babies!) Love the Religion button!

  12. I've found it helpful to tell everyone you meet that you are looking to rent a place that will allow one dear little pet. Your checker at the grocery store may have an auntie who is considering renting out her late brother-in-law's house, but is worried about dreadful people trashing the place. And you could be the answer to her prayers. You never know. . .

    I like the Scrabble button!

  13. Congrats on the new swift! Sorry to hear the home search didn't get off to a great start!

  14. I will be DEVASTATED if my name has been taken in ravelry (just 200 ahead of me now!!)Sigh, I love your swift!


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