05 September 2007


Three amazing things have happened in the past 24 hours.

Firstly, I've FINISHED THE PINK SHAWL. This is the truth. I was incredibly stupid frightfully clever at the very end, and did 4 rows of the 2-row-cast-off-pattern instead of just 2, as I wanted the edge a tad wider. Not realising until it was TOO LATE that the knit rows of this edging added 100 stitches to the row. So I added 200 stitches in the last 4 rows. It was 383 stitches in a row to start with, so by the time I was casting off, I had 583 stitches. Duh. Took several hours to cast off. And the wool was broken in the middle of the cast off row, so I had to do a join. Well, it was my day off, I was listening to Cast On, and wasn't too stressed by all this.

Here's what it looked like, with all the ends darned in :

Into the laundry sink, to soak for a couple of hours :

Aaaaah, blocking. On the only available dog-and-teenager-free space in the entire house, which is right against my side of the bed. I have to be careful not to step on the pins when I get out of bed... I'll leave it here for another day, until it's utterly dry. I love love love the way the green border has worked out, with the little random bits of pink. Fashion shot of shawl in outside light to follow soon!

Then this afternoon the postie called unexpectedly! OMFG, my Secret Pal "Molly" has outdone herself again! I've also received a card, and a postcard from her in the past week, as well! This box is a wonderful slightly early birthday pressie!! It was opened by Aussie Customs on its way to me, they were probably intrigued by the dog biscuits (can you see them in the plastic bag at the top?). Lily is sneaking these away to secret hiding places :)

Yes, yes yes - this is Knitting Rules by the Yarn Harlot. W00t! Can you see the white circle on Stephanie's ankles?

An autographed copy (faints).

More yummy candles (OK, OK, I know I'm not supposed to eat them, but with scents like Juicy Watermelon, Sage & Cinnamon, Vanilla Lime, and White Chocolate Mint, what's a girl to think?!).

The woolly goodness is quite amazing too - a ball of Tofutsies in colour 722 - it's almost glossy / satiny! The photo doesn't do it justice. Aqua / olive / purple / blues. Bliss!

And two balls of Mission Falls 1824 Cotton colour Phlox C405 (Product of Canada). Swoon!

There is also a huge bag of Jolly Rancher lollypops, which I'm not going to show you, cos then I might have to share. Molly, you have surpassed yourself, and I can only hope that YOUR Secret Pal is spoiling you rotten as well - xxoo !!

And lastly - Stitch'n Time in Southlands Shopping Centre, Mawson, ordered some of my cards. I've got a retail outlet. Small start, but a good start. So if you have Canberra friends or rellies who want Knitting Art cards, but don't want to buy over the 'net, send them to Mawson : )


  1. The Pink Shawl of Divineness is done - hooray!

    Lovely lot of pressies, too - excellent for the celebration of Jejune day.

  2. that's honestly quite an amazing haul. Your SP is very, very generous. And a signed copy???? I'd faint too. You've been touched by Her Harlotness.

    That shawl is stunning. I would like an opportunity to fondle it soon. It's gorgeous.

  3. So many goodies - you are so lucky! And after casting off 500billionty stitches, you sure needed some spoiling! Look forward to the shawl glamour shots!

  4. Oh, the shawl is gorgeous. I LOVE it!

    you did well with the pressies too. Glad you had a good day off.

  5. Shawl - gorgeous!

    Secret pal - I want one too! Perfect gifts!

  6. Enjoy all of your luscious goodies...
    The shawl looks fabulous. The blue/green edging is very pretty against the pink.

  7. The shawl is stunning! And oh what splendid presents! Jejune Day is working out quite nicely.

  8. Let's back track a little here....gotta make the blue cheese things as DH LOVES anything with blue cheese....

    Also next time I visit I'll be sure to bring my suitcase filled with Mission Falls wool. With all those prezzies, I think that I'll have a Jejune day myself.

    I think that I'll have to get a copy of the Harlot's latest book myself and get ready for when she next comes to Ottawa. I have read the book (shhh...it was the one I bought for and gave to Taph)

  9. Jejune - your shawl is absolutely beautiful. You have a great eye for colour and imagining that those two yarns would go together so well - really clever of you.

  10. The shawl came out A-Freakin'-Mazing! I can't wait to see it live and in person! Wow. So nice. And what a huge haul (and on a Tuesday!!!) Yippee. (I think that I think of you now every Tuesday, and wonder if you're having a Tuesday. Of course it's generally my Monday, unless it's very late... or maybe only if it is. Shit. I'm confused. Well. That's happened before, hasn't it? Anyhow... yay on everything!)

  11. Beautiful beautiful shawl - and what wonderful pressies - how kind your SP and what great timing!!! What a great pick-me-up!!!!

  12. What a fabulous bunch of goodies! And your shawl looks wonderful - well done! I bet you feel like wearing it every day and even to bed.

  13. I am so thrilled for you - i meant to post a happy comment sooner - but got distracted. Your pink shawl is divine and I think those presents came at just the right time.

    How are your special tuesdays coming along??

  14. the edging on the shawl is lovely. it reminds me of those buckets of different coloured fairy floss. yum!

    your secret pal is a champion!!


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